About Apes Army

Trying to get good information about the MOASS and the Ape movement is tricksy. There’s information everywhere, all over different subgroups on Reddit, from lots of different YouTube channels and so on. 

Apes Army is an attempt to sift through the chaff and bring the most important information into once place, saving you the need to trawl through Reddit, Twitter and all the other places where apes meet. 

It is not our intention to replace any of the existing places where Ape discussions are happening, but to be a repository for useful information, DD, news and ideas as to what’s happening…. And also to act as a backup for some of the best stuff we’ve found to try to make sure that big tech censorship doesn’t remove it where it can’t be found. 

We are Apes. We believe in the movement. We hold the stock because we like it. We are not financial advisors, nor is anything you see here financial advice. In fact, a lot of it is info which is copied verbatim and on here simply because we want to make sure more people see it. 

We credit every post. If you are an original author, and you don’t want your stuff on here, that’s fine, we will just take it down. But we don’t know why you wouldn’t, because we always link everything back to you directly. 

We support all Apes. We want Apes to continue to be strong together. This is the greatest battle in history, one which many of us foresee as being the final nail in the coffin of the financial criminality which has gone on for years. 

We don’t ask for money. We don’t ask for donations. We support this site through standard ads. If you think what we are doing is good, then please consider clicking a link where it’s relevant to you. Or don’t. Either way is ok, but if you do, it means maybe we can cover the costs of doing the research, pulling all the info together into one place and hopefully helping brother and sister Apes in feeling good about why they are here fighting the good fight against the HedgeFuckers who have for years manipulated markets, destroyed businesses and kept the people in the dark about the true nature of the financial markets. 

All we want is fairness in the markets. And finally, we would just remind you that for as long as we are here, the Hedgies have still not covered. 

Bless all you Apes. May our banana’s always be ripe and plentiful.