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Gamestop has gone 53 days without putting out a news release

Gamestop has gone 53 days without putting out a news release

This article was first published on Reddit on 31 Jan 2022 by user u/Magic_The_Redditing and is reproduced here without editing. Apes Army takes no credit for this information, and we should remind you this is not financial advice, and always DYOR. Gamestop has gone 53 days without putting out a

How to transfer GME to computershare. A step by step guide

How to transfer GME to ComputerShare. A step by step guide for smooth brained Apes

This guide on how to transfer GME to ComputerShare was compiled by user u/da_squirrel_monkey on Reddit. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for the information contained within, nor do we endorse anything written here whatsoever. This is not financial Advice. Do your own research always. Transferring shares to ComputerShare –

gme q2 2021 earnings call

GME Q2 2021 Earnings Call – The Breakdown: It’s Great news.

On 8th September, the GME Q2 2021 Earnings call took place, lasting just 8 short minutes. During this time, we confirmed what we Apes already knew… that GME is doing great, despite the hedgies desire to short the company into oblivion, as well as the ongoing impact of Covid on the business.

HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD IN 3,366,617 Easy steps

How To Take Over The World In 3,366,617 Easy Steps

How to take over the world in 3,366,617 easy steps: Part 1: Finkle Is Einhorn This bit of exceptional DD called “How To Take Over The World In 3,366,617 Easy Steps” was published on Reddit, and then for some unknown reason removed. We managed to find the original PDF of

the glass castle dd

The Glass Castle – Awesome DD in 1 part

This awesome DD argues that when they fail..they come crashing down from their Castle of Glass. One that has been forming cracks throughout its structure since the day it was conceived. 

gme closes with third lowest volume

GME Closes with third lowest volume since same time last year

GME closed the session yesterday with volume of just 1.5 Million, the third lowest volume recorded since pretty much the same time last year (when the price was $3.94 and $4.30 respectively on the dates of the first too) Reddit user u/edgar510 posted this spreadsheet showing the lowest volumes It’s

citadel has hostages

Citadel has hostages: explaining why the MOASS is taking so long

The January MOASS is delayed because Citadel took hostages. They figured out how to ensure that others would be squeezed before they were. January 28th is the day Robinhood was required to deliver some of the GME shares Citadel owed to its customers, so they halted trading. They halted trading because their relationship with Citadel turned them into a hostage. The MOASS waits until new regulations ensure the hostages are safe…