Why GME has found its bottom and could begin the next meme rally. (Technical Analysis June 12 2021)

Why GME has found its bottom and could begin the next meme rally. (Technical Analysis June 12 2021)

Has GME found its bottom seven months into the memestock wars? This deep dive was posted on Reddit by a brother ape, and is reproduced in it’s entirety without editing below:


Ah yes! Another DD on Gamestop and why wE’rE gOinG tO (banned phrase) tHiS wEeK bRo.

Actually not. Whether you believe in the (banned phrase) or not this DD applies to any smooth brained tendie dependent retard who wants to make a quick buck this week.

I will layout some technical analysis for why I believe we are beginning our reversal out of the past weeks sell off and potential for a higher rally.

There are plenty technical DD’s on the large cup and handle, a low AF RSI, MACD about to cross, the continuation of higher lows being built, and elaborate wave theory ANALysis’ but that shit is too advanced for my wrinkle-less, crayon eating self.

So, today I got bored and pulled up the GME chart to jerk off just like any other Sunday, but I realized a very interesting pattern that has repeated itself 5 separate times over the past 12 months.

The pattern involves a 1-3 week sell off followed by a test of support (different support each time), a green candle followed by a doji star (very important), and then a rally of up to 300% (minimum 70%) into the next 2 weeks. (or faster!!)

Here are the 5 times this has happened and what support was contacted and what occurred as a result of this pattern.


the red line is the 50 day moving average and the rally of 90% took 10 days!!!

10/26/2020 – 11/30/2020


once again the red line is the 50 day moving average and the rally of 70% took 6 days!!!

12/8/2020 – 12/23/2020


for this one I used the close of the prior day at $100 even as my “support”. 200%+ gain

2/25/2021 – 3/9/2021


now for this one our support was a trendline from February/March and the rally actually went all the way to $340. notice the support is always tested with a green candle followed by doji star.

4/27/2021 – 5/26/2021

“Wow! So cool! Why are you showing me this?”

I can already hear you retards asking why this pattern is significant and the reason is this is our current chart setup…

This support level was the 100 day moving average (white line; cocaine cramer is that you?) and we formed the EXACT SAME CANDLE COMBO.


Feel free to go back to the charts to confirm that what I am showing you is actually real.

It is up to you on how to capitalize on this situation but I recommend 80% shares and 20% FDs.

Positions: 60 shares and 200c 7/16.

TLDR: GME has formed a candle combo off of support lines 5 times after sell offs. We just formed the same combo on THUR/FRI last week off of the 100 day moving average and my tits are cutting holes in my shirts they are so jacked!

Edit: I’m retarded and thought I could link my socials!

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EDITORS NOTE: Our take on whether GME has found its bottom. The honest answer is that we don’t really know yet. The Hedgies are without a doubt some of the sneakiest f***ers on the planet, and it’s more than likely that the shenanigans will just continue. But we are certainly hopeful that this Reddit users analysis is good.