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AMC Spiderman NFTs

86,000 AMC Spiderman NFT’s announced. Apes go bananas. Website crashes.

On the 28th November, AMC Entertainment’s CEO Adam Aron released this well hyped tweet announcing a partnership with Sony Pictures, giving 100 unique AMC Spiderman NFT’s away free to the first 86,000 buyers of tickets to see the new Spiderman No Way Home movie on December 16th. This, as the

AMC to accept SHIB tokens in payments

Adam Aron says AMC will accept SHIBA INU

Adam Aron went on Twitter yesterday to announce that AMC will accept SHIB for online payments for movie theatre tickets and concessions, as the company partners with BitPay to be the first corporation to accept the memecoin. Alluding to AMC being the reason Bitpay incorporated SHIB at all, the CEO

AMC debt repurchase

AMC debt: exercises option to repurchase some of it’s first lien debt

The information in this post was released on the AMC Entertainment Holdings website on 30 September 2021, and is reproduced here without editing. You can find the original press release about the AMC debt repurchase here on their website. TL;DR: AMC debt repurchase puts the company in a much better

AMC should accept DogeCoin alongside Bitcoin and other top crypto

Adam Aron poll shows investors say AMC should accept DogeCoin.

A few days ago, the Silverback CEO asked the community on Twitter if AMC should accept Doge alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash later in the year. Continuing on in the fashion which we Apes have become very used to, ie that the CEO of our fave company actually

AMC short interest back over 20 percent - highest all year

AMC Short Interest back over 20% as price retakes and holds $50

According to Ortex data, today (13 september) AMC short interest back over 20% as the market looks like it’s gearing up for another potential big leg up. This article is NOT financial advice. Do your own research always. AMC Short Interest Back Over 20% is the highest all year At

What links Loop Capital, Magic Johnson, Credit Suisse and Citadel?

The Loop Capital, Magic Johnson, Credit Suisse and Citadel Connection:

This post about Loop Capital appeared on Reddit penned by Posted byu/thabat on 10 September 2021 and is reproduced here in its entirety without editing. Apes Army does not endorse any of the information contained within, nor should this be regarded as Financial Advice. Do Your Own Research always. The

AMC Squeeze probability

AMC Squeeze probability increases to 97.5%

The AMC Squeeze probability has increased to 97.5% as of September 1 2021, according to S3. That is all. Check out the AMC Squeeze probability below according to data from their website: Apes Army does not endorse any financial information which comes our way. This info is presented for informational

AMC 90 day movement

AMC 90 day movement – Interesting DD

This DD first appeared on Reddit on 25 August posted by user u/girthygirthmonster. This is not financial advice, and Apes Army does not endorse any of the information here. This post has been reproduced without editing for posterity only. This is not in any way financial advice. Do your own

how MEMX is manipulation prices AMC

How AMC price is being manipulated on MEMX

BIG NEWS! This is Why AMC Price is Extremely High Off-Exchange! Hedge Funds Route Orders to Dark Pool, BUY Them for Several Hundreds-Thousands PER SHARE, Take Them Back to NYSE & List Them for Dirt Cheap to Artificially Keep the Price Down. BOOM! CASE CLOSED! Did research into this, and

trey interviews adam aron again

Trey interviews Adam Aron again after Q2 Earnings call

Just 2 days after the AMC Q2 Earnings call, trey interviews Adam Aron on his Trey’s Trades channel for the third time. In many ways, this was one of the best direct interviews with the AMC boss, with the 1 hour livestream really giving the CEO the opportunity to speak

Peter Hann on AMC

Peter Hann on AMC: drops the mic again… calls out the media for blatant lies.

Peter Hann on AMC: The man who actually doesn’t need the disclaimer “I am not a Financial Advisor, this is not financial advice” (and, yes we have mentioned him before here on Apes Army) has come out AGAIN on LinkedIn and basically calls out the media for blatant lies and misinformation relating to AMC stock. In summary, it’s worth reading his Twitter post before getting into what he wrote on LinkedIn.

amc q2 2021 EARNINGS report

AMC Q2 2021 Earnings Report: Smashes revenue expectations.

The widely anticipated AMC Q2 2021 Earnings Report Call on 9th August saw reported sales at over $444 Million, smashing their own expectations of $375 Million by a wide margin. CEO and Chairman of the Board Adam Aron was upbeat as he directly answered apes questions, and opening the door for renewed Dividends, but not for at least a year.

how to use the amc say app vote count

Instructions for the AMC SAY App Vote

This post is a direct reproduction of the Reddit post 🚨🚀🚀🚨INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SAY APP VOTE INCLUDING NON-US SHAREHODLERS🚨🚀🚀🚨 by u/_Cali-Grown_. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this post, and it’s here simply for posterity and preservation. EDITORS NOTE: For those who don’t know what’s going on with regards

last time this happened amc hit over $70

The last time we saw this action, AMC hit over $70

The YouTuber Stock Guy posted this interesting video which showed that the AMC one day chart closed below the 60MA line. Not great, you might think, but he does point out that the last time this happened, the stock began it’s insane run up and AMC hit over $70. We

AMC short trades are avoiding being reported as FTD

Infographic: How AMC short trades are avoiding being reported as FTD’s

This interesting infographic appeared on Reddit, posted by user u/Criand. It shows how DTC-2021-010 filings are being used to ensure AMC short trades are avoiding being reported as FTD’s. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this post, and it is reproduced here in it’s entirety simply for education and

amc announce new long term leases on the grove and americana theatres

AMC Gains Long Term Leases on The Grove and Americana theatres

Adam Aron, the King Silverback CEO of AMC announced on Twitter yesterday that the company had secured long term leases on the historic The Grove and the Americana theatres, two of the highest grossing venues in the Los Angeles region. He went on to say that the company is also

expectation vs reality

Expectation vs reality

Expectation vs reality – It’s not a direct trajectory without a pullback This is an unedited June 2021 Reddit post by u/shua_33 entitled Expectation vs Reality. Discussion This kind of volatility is what we have been expecting for months. Did anyone really expect a straight upward climb? It goes up

$5125 amc share price

Fintel fixes price of the $5125 AMC share price

On July 14th, Fintel released an update to give information about the very strange looking $5125 AMC share price which according to it’s data were held by Sound Income Strategies. It basically acknowledged what a lot of us were thinking, which was that this must be an error… When you

Robinhood IPO Filing

Robinhood IPO filing reveals memestock losses wiped out 2020 gains

Robinhood IPO Filing Public The Robinhood IPO filing is out, and there are some great takeaways. The company became profitable last year, generating a net income of $7.45M on net revenue of $959 million in 2020, which would have been great when compared with their $107M loss on $278M revenue