Bot accounts shilling AMC max price of $300, use dead people’s images, sick bastards.

Bot accounts shilling AMC max price of $300, use dead people’s images, sick bastards.

The following post, which appeared on Reddit yesterday from user u/Darkerkry entitled “another PSA for the community: Addressing the $100-$300 selloff campaign, addresses the recent bot accounts shilling AMC max price of $300.

We are also getting reports that some of these bot accounts are using images and names of people who have passed away, some of them in some pretty horrific circumstances. The sick bastards. But of course, this is the sort of sociopathic behaviour which we expect from the psycho’s who are over-represented in Wall Street financial houses.

Bot accounts shilling AMC max price on Reddit

Alright this has been something I have been analyzing for the last 2 months. I debated for a few weeks if it was even worth posting due to the nature of the STONK but after yesterday and today, I got all the confirmation bias I needed. They are not only manipulating the STONK but also our smooth brains. A lot of users posting about a $100-300 sell off campaign. This ties in directly to what I have been researching. This no longer is a war over numbers or the ability to short it to the ground. We already won that. They have moved into a full psychological war as their last resort. Here is why.

When I began investing, I noticed a common and very simple trend that popped up frequently over the two years of market experience I have. What tends to happen is every time a group of investors has been beaten down for a prolonged period, they begin to gain this desperate craving for any upward price action and temper their expectations for minimal returns. As soon as those green crayons start to pop back up, psychologically they relax and start rationalizing selling for either a loss or very minimal returns.

But why is that?

TL;DR- I highly suggest reading through this as well as my previous post “Prepare for a Pseudo Squeeze”. A lot of people are now opened that a fake squeeze is coming but don’t understand why it will be more dangerous than we realize. This will show you what I have observed and researched out in the last few months.Psychological Warfare

They went through this process of psychological and physiological change called “stimulant dependency”. As soon as they received the stimulant that was removed, they go through a process of “hormonal rebalancing”. This same concept and cycle happens to a person addicted to any form of substance. The lack of substance in their system incites a response of heightened anxiety, adrenaline, and other hormones that compel us to the “fight or flight” response.

Our very form of thinking becomes narrow, shortened. We allow emotions to alter our decision making and perception without even realizing it. We believe in the moment that nothing has changed, and we are making typical decisions that we would normally make but in reality, we are oblivious to anything but the stimulus/ substance we are missing.

This is why after a lot of red days when we suddenly get a good green day, we all feel this sense of relief, almost like a “tides have turned” or “things are changing, I feel it in my bones”. This is our hormonal rebalancing as we finally have achieved some normalcy as we receive our stimuli/ substance easement, our green crayon. This is a form of operant psychological conditioning.

Uses of stimuli and removal of stimuli. Such stimuli being given over prolonged periods then becomes addictive. Apes truly are addicted to Green Crayola big ones. Here is a simplified version of the initial conditioning taking place due to manipulated price action:Price Action Psychological Conditioning

  • A lot of positive emotion leads to initial investment
  • Then we get hype. And lots of it. (This is where retards start mentioning dates)
  • Followed by lots of green
  • More hype (Lots of confirmation bias floods in)
  • Then lots of red (predicted)
  • The first little red is expected and disregarded
  • Then more red, we start sweating but fight it off
  • Then more red, we start getting real nervous but hodl either way.
  • Red continues and we start doubting a tad (tell me all your bullshit online but I know you start second guessing even if it’s slightly) (doesn’t mean you doubt the DD, it is doubt that this could happen to you or self-doubt typically)
  • Then finally green relief (ahhhh feels so good)
  • More green relief (I knew it phase)
  • Cycle continues anew starting with added hype (and the relentless date dropping)

The Pseudo Squeeze Pt. II

I feel as if this pattern is one giant feedback loop with the purpose to set up expectations to predominately fail. We then get our green crayons removed from us and have an alter physiological and psychological response that we aren’t even aware of! We become susceptible. But why is this relevant???

Months ago, I formulated this idea of a Pseudo Squeeze after extensive observation and canvasing of the community. I saw that this could be and is actually a very viable play in the playbook. Fake a squeeze. A few weeks later the price jumped to $70 and has been dropping ever since. That was not a Pseudo Squeeze, or if it was, was a piss poor attempt because the apes didn’t flinch, we bought more. This psychological bullshit is easy huh?

I am very very very concerned we aren’t prepared mentally and psychologically for what I still deem to be a true Pseudo squeeze (that phrase is a paradox, but so is this situation). Going to $70 didn’t do shit. So many people and youtubers said “they wouldn’t let the price run up cause it would trigger a margin call. It would be suicide.” Umm do you forget how mentally insane these f***tards are? These literally have a team of PHD psychosocial and behavioral analysts monitoring us.

They have way more assets and firepower than any of us could imagine (they tossed Melvin and Robinhood 3 billion like it was play money). How else could this shit last so long? You don’t realize how much they make off all the options we hand to them, off their crypto PNDs, etc. They have the firepower, if they didn’t, they would be out of this rodeo already.How it all ties together

They are preparing us psychologically through conditioning us in the pattern outlined above. They use meaningful green days as the stimuli that becomes an addictive substance to us without realizing so. Our minds and physiology are altering in response to this conditioning. This leads to breaking the back of the apes through the ultimate psychological test. The Pseudo Squeeze. Imagine if they let this bitch run up to the psychological level of $500. A lot of apes will be seeing a lot of money they have never had before.

You can tell yourselves “I ain’t selling until phone numbers” but your smooth brains have already become smoother through their operant conditioning tactic. We crave big ol’ green crayons more than you realize. Its literally a natural response at this point like Pavlov’s dog. Once that psychological $500 hits you’ll start feeling intense feelings of euphoria, excitement, affirmation, passion, and determination. Then all of a sudden you are flooded with uncontrollable feelings of anxiety, panic, adrenaline, and aggression that will be sparked by a sudden and violent price drop from $500 to $250 then to $120 and so on. This will be the single most dangerous moment for the community.

Mark my words. It is coming. At this point the only war that can be fought is a psychological one and this is their nuke. They want to hit us when we think we have won, and the preconditioned ape brains might give in without even realize it.

Fear not apes, I have several ideas on a solution. We can be cured. More to that later. I will post about it soon. In the meantime, question every move, every person, every source, and try to remove yourselves from intraday price action. This is their strongest source of psychological manipulation. We are at the doorstep of MOASS.


Edit: Thank you all for the awards but they aren’t necessary! Save the money for AMC! Also several of you found a way to take this negatively and now I’m a shill or misinformed. I don’t think you’re understanding that this is happening and that I’m just trying to help apes be prepared for anything. $500 is a theoretical number. Could be any number. The point is don’t day trade, don’t stop buying, don’t sell. If you don’t like the post you can tell me and that’s fine. The purpose is this is all psychological, all mind games now. We have got this!! Awareness leads to understanding which leads to strength.

This post about Bot accounts shilling AMC max price at $300 is mostly an unedited reproduction of a post which appeared on Reddit. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this post, nor do we endorse any of the information. We are not financial advisors, and this is not to be considered financial advice. As always, Do Your Own Research. #ApesNotLeaving