citadel still has no clothes

Citadel STILL has no clothes

Citadel Securities upped their short position during 2021 and Citadel Advisors is even more fuller of hot air than in 2020. They also had a FINRA orgy with 14 different exchanges over erroneous pricing practices between 2014 and 2020.

will there be a fake squeeze

Will there be a Fake Squeeze?

There’s been a lot of talk about a possible “Fake Squeeze” recently. So the question is, will the hedgies attempt to convince us that a

apes army on hive blockchain

Apes Army is now on HIVE blockchain

Just because we can, Apes Army is now cross posting everything to the HIVE blockchain. This ensures that all the information we present here gets

amc q2 2021 EARNINGS report

AMC Q2 2021 Earnings Report: Smashes revenue expectations.

The widely anticipated AMC Q2 2021 Earnings Report Call on 9th August saw reported sales at over $444 Million, smashing their own expectations of $375 Million by a wide margin. CEO and Chairman of the Board Adam Aron was upbeat as he directly answered apes questions, and opening the door for renewed Dividends, but not for at least a year.