Apefest cancelled – at least until after the MOASS

Apefest cancelled – at least until after the MOASS

Organisers have announced Apefest cancelled after lack of enthusiasm amongst smooth brained apes until the MOASS actually happens.

The Twitter account @festLanding announced yesterday that no festival will occur before the MOASS, putting to bed the whole distraction for the time being. With Apefest cancelled, Apes can get back to doing what they do best, which is buying and holding stock and generally being retarded.

Apefest Cancelled – official tweet by Apefestival

Of course, an interesting question is let’s assume the MOASS takes many days, weeks or potentially even months to play out, is when will the squeeze be deemed to be squoze sufficiently for the organisers to reignite the festival? It’s probably fair to say that they would have a lot more support once we’re all driving our Lambo’s around Tendie Town.

As of right now all tickets purchased have been refunded and you can expect to see that show up in your account in the next few days as is with any refund. You must reach out to the Paris directly to cancel your rooms. We apologize for that inconvenience.

Apefest Organisers in Tweet, 18 July 2021

The organisers went on to say that full refunds will be issued directly for tickets purchased, but that anyone who had booked rooms would have to speak to the venue directly (obviously). It’s probably one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t moments, because it’s likely that there will be some who will complain about the inconvenience. But it’s also fair to say that there has been a significant amount of hostility to the idea

The organisers went on to say something about ‘haters’ but as some pointed out, it seems they didn’t like answering tough, legitimate questions from those in the Ape community, with the organisers credibility being called out. and with many Apes trashing the very idea that ApeFest would be a festival at all.

For now, we aren’t going to give it any more airtime, until after the MOASS at least, although our prediction is that the whole concept was poorly planned in the first place, and we’re betting our Wives boyfriends Toyota that no official Apefest will ever happen. So it may be that Apefest cancelled itself before it even started.