The GameStop Bezos Connection Theory

The GameStop Bezos Connection Theory

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Gamestop Bezos Theory: Some more Tin Foil Hat DD

Veteran Apes will be familiar with this theory. I’ll attempt to summarize:

Amazon has been using Ken Griffin to naked short infiltrated companies in order for Amazon to steal market share from current and future competitors. It’s possible that Bain Capital got involved in this scheme through Toys R Us.

Foundational DD (both are great):

u/jumpster81Bust Out Schemes

u/AvidTreesFanWrite up on Bezos

There it is. The most literal and succinct version. Hopefully I don’t get cease & desisted. If this post disappears with no explanation, you now know why.

Crazy theory, right? Let’s examine some facts:

  1. Amazon announced in a press release on February 2nd, 2021 that Jeff Bezos would retire to executive chairman of Amazon’s board to much surprise. (that date stand out?)
  2. Ken’s a fan & frequent investor in Amazon
  3. DE Shaw, a quant hedge fund where Jeff Bezos became the youngest vice president, says about Citadel “We cross paths with them all the time. They are huge.” as far back as 2001 – way before its widespread success

What would we see if Citadel has followed this playbook? We would see OTC stocks of dead companies squeeze at the same time an idiosyncratic risk would emerge in a basket of algorithmically shorted securities.

Would you look at that? Sears and Blockbuster, both bankrupt companies listed on OTC markets and former Amazon competitors, squeezed at the same time as GME in January 2021.

Now, call me crazy, but I’m going to speculate the public isn’t investing in those stocks. I’m smooth-brained, but not that smooth-brained.

How is Amazon connected to Blockbuster, you might ask? I had the same question.

Surprisingly (but not really), I forgot about Amazon’s biggest business. Amazon Web Services.

I bet you can guess who was providing web hosting for Netflix around 2010, when Blockbuster went under?

Yep. Amazon.

Think about that. That’s from 2010. Citadel Securities (the market maker) was founded in 2001. When did they start doing this?

There’s a lot more to dig into about this. A comment thread on Criand’s latest post describes some interesting terms of Credit Suisse’s CMBS programs.

If that’s related to CMBS troubles here in the states, Simon Property Group is no doubt involved which Amazon has been working with to buy up old malls last year– though it’s been buying up mall property since 2016.

The implications of something like this are extreme.

Think of our beloved chairman’s tweets. Ryan Cohen could have been hinting towards this the whole time.

This explains why Jeffy Boy seems desperate to get off the planet. I would be, too.

EDIT: Here’s a mod’s description of what was going on with the first post and why it is an image:

A lot of information has been dug up since this post and I’ve been spending my time trying to respond to comments and acting like I’m not paying attention to my phone around my fiance asking my wife’s boyfriend for more GME money instead of updating the OP.

I’ll just leave this here as for what this means for the MOASS:

This theory finally explains the last question surrounding GME for me since February – what has motivated the market to not completely turn on GME? If it’s been retail investors vs industry insiders, why hasn’t the entire industry shorted GME at once?

I believe it’s because Ryan Cohen, and his investment in GME, has triggered more than just a retail investment movement.

GME is the industry revanant that’s come back to life to avenge all the businesses Jeffrey Bezos and his little group of fucksticks have squashed out of existence for no reason other than they could and their greed knows no bounds.

That is to say the CEOs, employees, investors, regulators, executives, and industry insiders who have been victimized by their abuses know what Jeffrey has been doing for over a decade and have been biding their time.

They’ve come for blood – and we gave them that opportunity. They aren’t leaving and we never were, either.

It’s nice to finally know the meaning of the phrase¬†the MOASS was always going to happen

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