How Citadel raises money to push down GME

How Citadel raises money to push down GME

DISCLAIMER: This post about how Citadel raises money to push down GME (and of course by extension AMC and other stocks) was made by u/goodyearbelt and this article is a direct reproduction of the salient DD. This is not financial advice, nor does Apes Army endorse any of the information contained within. Do your own research always.

Want to see how Citadel’s been raising $ to push down GME? Look at their holdings from and look at the price rises and drop dates for their pink sheet companies. They line up to the day with GME’s price and their price drops

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This is a huge step in understanding how Citadel is suppressing GameStop, but even more, the new SEC rule banning any buying of non compliant penny stocks was proposed in Sept. of 2020, right around when GME was rising up from the $4 price per share that had been held steady for the previous year and just kept growing.

Look how how many shares Citadel has traded just today – same amount as the other top 3 broker dealers, but more than twice the amount of shares. Whatcha collecting all these lower priced shares for Kenny? I’ve personally seen over two dozen pink sheet stocks that align like twins since January. I know the RH hate, but I’d rather have a fast UX for Lvl 2 data and it’s the same with the cryptos on that platform, it’s the exact chart thumbnail copied over and over. The evidence is clear as day at this point of pump & dumps for the $ to smack down GME. (The public needs to know (more on that at the bottom.)

r/Superstonk - Want to see how Citadel's been raising $ to push down GME? Look at their holdings from and look at the price rises and drop dates for their pink sheet companies. They line up to the day with GME's price and their price drops

They knew for over a year GME was their ticking time bomb and were overleveraged to the tits. I’d bet it was going to be one of their top 3 plays for the year what with Covid still going strong that they’d get GME to $0 and delisted so they’d never have to close their options.

Then those damn redditors started buying more and more because of the fundamentals and RC coming in and them realizing the guy who beat Amazon at an online segment for petfood of all things and a master of customer service + logistics would be entering into one of the biggest segments you can imagine. Pro gamers are getting contracts comparable to football players now and millenials + zoomers have huge cash to spend on expensive hardware for gaming – not to mention game sales themselves transition to online marketplaces. They knew they were fucked.

It’s been about a year of watching their precious 50 cent options leveraged by who knows how many times (dozens even?) grow into a nuke being built right in their office, ready to explode at any moment.

So they started pillaging pink shares to pump and dump on penny traders as they’re doing to the crypto community now that it can’t be used as collateral anymore. And wouldn’t you know it, now on Tuesday price data for zombie stocks and purchasing them is completely eliminated to “protect traders from themselves”

From confetti on apps to pink sheet OTC stocks, sure seems like they care about traders a lot – having plain as day price manipulation from January, almost a full 9 months though with our investment and a company growing? nah that’s not worth the time they could be on pornhub for.

Maybe some adult content creators apettes & apes (we’re all inclusive here) should post videos on porn sites naked and reading DD from GME related subs to get their attention. Hell, they’d probably make huge bank just from redditors watching their video to be jacking to their tits (I was never good at possessive noun sentence structure in English…)

As for me, seeing Lehman rising from the dead (900% in a single day on one of em last Fri), I’m going to be buying a lot of these stocks today before buying is turned off and then just sell em off slowly before Quarterly Overturns when they push down the price. It’s another 2 months till the next one, so it’s just pure $ from copying Citadel’s way of making more money to put into GME if MOASS doesn’t occur by Nov. I won’t know the price, but I can guess given how much they pump up every pink sheet they own.

Funny how only non-retail can know anything about non-compliant companies that can still be traded, it’s almost as if the SEC is helping Citadel any way they legally can while looking like the good guys…

After MOASS you best believe there will be an Ape party using their tendies to get into Washington and change it from the inside. We hate them and there’s 20 somethings there already, mighty fine time to get into helping the country change for the better.

Either way, fuck Citadel. When their self built nuke powers our rockets I’ll be happy knowing it will be Harrenhal to all those looking back at this historic time period.

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