Expectation vs reality

Expectation vs reality

Expectation vs reality – It’s not a direct trajectory without a pullback

This is an unedited June 2021 Reddit post by u/shua_33 entitled Expectation vs Reality.


This kind of volatility is what we have been expecting for months. Did anyone really expect a straight upward climb? It goes up three steps and back one. That’s how this works. Keep calm and hodl. It gets crazier from here.

The fear is real: You see your account increase to ridiculous proportions, then it settles back down. The uncertainty is real: There are thousands of voices all saying different things; you have friends and relatives begging you to sell, social influencers telling you to hold, other social influencers telling you it’s hopeless, and random people on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. all shouting different theories, different price targets, and different points of view. The doubt is real: you’re not sure where the top of the ladder is and you’re putting your feet on shaky rungs, looking down and seeing how far you’ve climbed and how badly it will hurt if you fall. We are all here. No matter how much we think we have prepared ourselves for this moment, now that it’s here and the chips are on the table and we’re about to show our hands, the fact remains that we are all in and we are putting our trust in a system that has proven time and time again to be rigged against us.

Here we stand, at the beginning of the end. We’ve trained hard, some of us, and others are just joining our ranks. Our veterans have been through this before: we’ve seen the red days where we were stressed and wondering if the endeavor would ever be fruitful; we’ve waged mighty battles, like the battle of $8.01, the battle of $10.02, and the like. Through all of those major swings we held and bought, held and bought, draining our bank accounts, selling our valuables, just to get a small piece of this action. We know what it is to hodl. Newer apes must trust the older apes when they say hodl. We are all apes, no matter where or when we began this journey. If you’re holding AMC, you are one of us.

This week has been an emotional roller-coaster. Some of you saw figures in your portfolios that you never thought possible before now. Some have gained a little and some have gained a whole lot. But we’ve all witnessed the incredible movements both up and down and in all fairness, it’s terrifying. To experience extreme hope for the future and deep disappointment all in the span of one day is not something the human brain is conditioned to do. We want things to go up and stay up and continue to go further up, but this is not how the market works.

We are currently riding a wave of our own creation. Like all waves, it has up and down motions, some of which can be very violent, especially when the crest of the wave is very high. We have all seen these crests and valleys before, at least the older apes have. We’ve seen swings of similar magnitude in the months leading up to this. This one is just scarier because the values are higher. It’s no different than going from 9 to 14 and then back to 11. It just feels worse because there’s more money involved.

I think that some of us have expected this to all happen in one big unstoppable launch that would send us straight to the moon. Well, even a moon shot is more turbulent than that. In an actual moon launch, the rocket takes off, commences a roll pattern, breaks off its boosters, climbs into orbit, and then expands that orbit until it’s caught by the gravity of the moon. This is hardly a different exercise. We have launched, we’ve rolled, and now we have broken off the paper hands that got us this high. Now we will climb higher, go round in circles a few times, and finally reach the moon after several days. During this orbital period, the moon is going to look farther away than ever, because to get there, we have to fall away from it and use gravity (other buyers) to extend our flight because we’re out of fuel.

That moon metaphor got tiresome, quickly. The point is, we can’t expect to reach the top of this thing all at once; it takes steps. And fighting with each other about where the floor should be; whether adding more shares is good or bad; and which influencers we should or should not follow is not going to help us in the slightest. The worst FUD that exists is our own imagination. If you are all in on AMC, the last thing you should think of doing is to say a single word against it, the process, or other apes. To voice your own fear is to project it onto others. We are a collective at this point. We must be unified or we cannot function. Remember why you’re doing this. Remember the way. We buy, we hold, and then we repeat. This is the only way.

This post is a reproduction of a Reddit post by u/shua_33 entitled Expectation vs Reality. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for it, nor do we endorse anything in the article. This is not financial advice. DYOR as always.

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