Wes Christian hired to investigate stock market manipulation – Huge news for Apes

Wes Christian hired to investigate stock market manipulation – Huge news for Apes

When Chad Brewer posted yesterday that he had decided to make a legal stand against illegal Hedgie tactics, with Wes Christian hired by him to investigate stock manipulation matters, the Ape community at first thought it was just another trash clickbait article. However as the day progressed it turned out that it was in fact true, with Christian himself tweeting that he had been engaged by Brewer. What followed were impromptu appearances by the lawyer on Matt Kohrs livestream, and later with Chad Brewer himself speaking live to Andrew Mo.

After a week of blood red in the memestock markets, with the price of AMC hitting a low of $32.27, and GME sliding to $158.30, with many pointing to the almost perfect downtrend line being indicative of a sustained and coordinated algorithmic trading assault on the stock, the news has given a boost to the Ape community.

Many of us, remember, got into this back in January 2021 not just as a money-making play, but because we actually wanted to make a stand against the manipulation tactics which have been employed for years by large financial institutions. In fact, if you ask most of the OG apes why they started buying and HODLing in the first place, many will tell you their primary goal was to send a clear message to the financial institutions that all we want is a fair and free stock market, free from malfeasance and the sort of criminal practises that would see us sporting orange jumpsuits if any of us did the same thing.

Watch Matt Kohrs talks lawsuits: Wes Christian hired to investigate and sue Wall Street manipulation

In the interview with Matt Kohrs, the lawyer talks about how the engagement came about, and what to expect from the engagement, including his disapproval that Chad had actually posted the engagement documents, including the fee schedule on the internet, saying it was inappropriate for a client to disclose such privileged information to the public.

It’s likely that this was done by Chad to lend credence to his claim (and let’s fact it, with Chad Brewer being a relative unknown in the Ape community, it’s hardly surprising that he would want to provide some concrete evidence of his claim to Wes Christian hired to investigate what we Apes believe to be decades of systematic Wall Street market manipulation.

It’s easy to appreciate why there was a great deal of doubt at first, as Brewer’s twitter account, which states he is “an all American true to the core” (sic) was only opened this month leading many to instantly dismiss the claims of Wes Christian hired to consult, and where malpractice could be found, to sue.

Some Apes however have brought up a couple of critical points, including the idea that civil litigation might actually be harmful for the squeeze, as damages may be limited, however it’s unclear how any civil damages could alter the fact that the shorts still haven’t covered their positions.

Wes Christian Hired after “We call that Stealing” quote

It’s no secret that the lawyer from the prestigious Christian Levine law firm is an advocate of the Ape cause, and has been publicly vocal about the shady and downright illegal shorting practices that seem to have been normalised in the market. Appearing on Charles Payne’s show just a few weeks ago, Wes Christian gave a metaphoric breakdown of illegal naked shorting, with the now infamous quote “In Texas, simple version, we call that Stealing”.

Brewer has set up a GoFundMe campaign to crowdfund the legal fees to cover the costs, and at the time of writing, was 3/4 of the way towards his initial $`100,000 goal in just 4 days since the campaign was set up (with most of the donations coming within 24 hours of the announcement dropping on social media).

Andrew Mo talks to Chad Brewer on his livestream

Andrew Mo invited Chad Brewer to talk about why he decided it was time to get Wes Christian hired to investigate illegal tactics on his livestream last night, with Brewer opening the interview with the words “Oooga Booga”, and declaring that, ultimately it was because he was an Ape who was sick of the manipulation by big financial institutions.

Watch the interview:

Whilst this is great news for the entire Ape community, it’s probably worth having a note of caution, with Christian himself saying that it was likely to take months of due diligence to get to the point where lawsuits could begin to be brought before courts, and refusing to be drawn on any specific details.