The Glass Castle – Awesome DD in 1 part

The Glass Castle – Awesome DD in 1 part

The Glass Castle DD was posted on Reddit in July 2021 by u/3for100Specials and is presented in unedited form here for posterity. As always, Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this, nor do we endorse any information contained within, which should be regarded as for entertainment purposes only. This is not financial advice. Do your own research.

The Glass Castle


The game that is being played is not simply just a House of Cards. I’d argue that it’s far larger (no heat towards attobit, luv ur material, wouldn’t be here without it, truly <3). The massive entities we call the Big Banks, the Market Makers, the Short dicked Hedge-funds, The Fed, etc, do not simply fall down over the course of a day. No…I’d argue that when they fail..they come crashing down from their Castle of Glass. One that has been forming cracks throughout its structure since the day it was conceived. A deteriorating castle which can no longer be unseen, nor..undone. Only, replaced.

Before we get to the solution though, you must first understand the core aspect of the problem. To highlight this problem, I’ll be referring to a post that is an absolutely essential read so the second half of this post makes sense. (You’ll find it below in a minute)

I’ll break everything down in the simplest way I can so you have an idea of what you’re walking into. Just know we’re going to be discussing everything from the OP, his name, ETFs, RRPs, NFTs, and the glorious three words, which may very well tie them all together. Game on, Anon.

So without further ado,

———————————————————————————————Part I: The Crux

This post is a follow-up to my previous. I had attempted to shine some light onto a DD that was flying far too under the radar for the God-Tier level of information contained within it. It was posted roughly a month ago. It was unlike any I had read before it and till this day, continues to be unlike any I have read since. I’m talking thermonuclear level of information here.

This is the case for a few reasons. I’ll outline them below so you have a brief understanding to start. (I’ll also be quoting/referencing myself from my other post a few times to save time, so if you see similarities, just know I’m a lazy fuk).

  1. The author: The OP behind this DD went by the name, u/leavemeanon. Shortly after dropping this thermonuclear analysis on HOW the shares have been suppressed and WHERE they are most likely located. He vanished, but unlike the Avatar’s flake ass, his job was done.
  2. The Job: exposing the primary methods of fuckery utilized by the short gang, the Big Banks, and even the Fed…down to the BONE. The depth of analysis here is still astounding, but that’s not even the kicker..its the fact he drops a God tier DD and makes a claim like this:
r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

u/leavemeanon‘s DD:

The profundity of the statement in yellow is something that you will only understand if you read his post. The likely realization you’ll come to once you do is that there is absolutely no way that someone making this claim, drops a DD with this kind of analysis, then just goes off and deletes his account.

Self quote: “When asking myself, why tf would someone go this far into a DD analysis and delete their account shortly after? Along with going by the name u/leavemeanon, I found myself coming to the same conclusion each time:

This. is. what. this. guy. does. He might as well be an unofficial whistle-blower who wanted no traces back to him, bc the info contained in his DD is PRECISELY what is occurring right now.”

I wrote this statement on my previous DD just over a month ago. I want you guys to pay special attention to that last sentence because if you read through that post, you’ll realize one more thing.

It’s not only still dead on, but becoming even MORE relevant in relation to the events it had described a whole-ass month back.

Now if you haven’t read the post for some dingle reason..I’ll provide you OP’s ELI5 to give a snippet of the problem, b/c if we do not understand the problem, then the solution will not make sense.

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

So where does the problem truly lie? Based on OP’s post. It’s none other, than the fuckin ETFs. OP explains the inner workings of the ETFs in a way I’ve never seen anyone do before. He even links this video for us real special apes, to understand.

So assuming you now understand the problem, here’s an idea of the severity, as disclosed within part 3 of OP’s post. Spoiler alert,

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

We’re not done yet, remember..only once you understand the full extent of the problem, will the solution make sense. So to add even more juice to the flame, here’s a video by Charlie Vid’s, which he released on July 10th. It shows how all those RRPs…you know..those multi-fuckin billion dollar funds being moved around on a daily basis…are likely piled right into the fuckin E T F’s.

This video has only stood to further validate the point u/leavemeanon made a whole ass month back. The information he’s discussing is still pretty novel and needs more eyes, but the connection he makes in that video is hard to argue against.

Even if you don’t fully grasp wtf that shit means, and let’s be honest, most of us still don’t b/c RRPs are the most absurdly convoluted thing on this planet. Nonetheless, the big picture is pretty evident. From this video, it seems almost entirely plausible that these transactions between the Fed and the other end of the parties involved (the Big Banks) are being done illegally at historic levels, to keep the entire market from collapsing.

To provide a better idea of what may be going on here, I’m going to refer to someone who seems to have a far clearer grasp on these transactions than myself. I’m fine with speculating on most things but these RRPs though, I’m way too smooth-brained for that and the last thing I need is to be throwing a 69th definition of what they mean into the mix.

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

This may also explain why most of the rules released in relation to the derivatives market seem to have only slowed down recent events, but not much more. I’m saying this because the way some of those rules were written, they sounded like they would dice up the short’s plan of approach completely. Though there does seem to be a clear impact on how GME has been trading since most of the rules were implemented, they haven’t ended the game. To me, this likely means that the greatest source of fuckery held by Shortgang and Co. lies elsewhere.

The Married-puts, the dark pools, or whatever else method of manipulation these limp-dick cum-dumpsters have up their sleeves may be some of the better-known gears behind their scheme, but I’m willing to be it’s the ETFs, which are the true source of their Fuckery. These transactions described in the video above, and further theorized upon by the comment attached, are occurring through the entire ETF market.Part II – The Connection

Now that you understand the problem, we are almost cleared to move onto the solution. Before going further, I need to provide some context here. My previous post, as mentioned earlier, was intended for a single purpose: Shedding light on u/leavemeanon’s DD. Shortly after dropping it though, I received a comment and message from a few users who sent me down one hell of a rabbit hole. As in that post, I was making some tin-foil hat connections to the meaning behind u/leavemeanon‘s username.

Though this part may not necessarily even be linked, it’s important I mention it because had it not happened, I would not have discovered what I believe to be the solution.

Moving forward from here, we’re going to be treading over some speculative waters and more than likely, be testing that 4-hour erection window before you need to call your doctor. They might have to raise the bar on that one if the following of what I’ve found is even remotely correct.

This part may sound absurd at first, but I only ask you to trust me until you reach part 3. For most of part 2, I’m explaining because I feel it important to clarify how I came to my conclusions. My thoughts in this section don’t necessarily have to be true, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if this ends up being the case in the future.

That being said, their relevance in this DD is that of an intermediate. They are what helped me discover what I believe to be the solution for the problem described above.

My speculative journey would lead me down an immense rabbit hole roughly a month ago. It would begin with a fascination with Anon’s DD but soon evolved to also include the method of its deployment (OP deleting his account shortly after dropping it), the technical but extremely concise language utilized, and the structure of its writing, as I began to ponder the meaning behind OP’s name.

The now-deleted user, who went by the name of ‘leavemeanon” would ring a few bells for another ape, that would comment the following on my post:

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

It was at this point that I began to speculate whether there was a connection between Anon’s name and the phrase above found on Gamestop’s NFT website. Now I cannot state that there is a direct relation between the two, but I find it necessary to shed light on the connection I theorized (with the help of some amazing apes), regarding what I believed it to be.

what if, the now-deleted OP’s name was in reference to more than just ‘leave me anonymous’? What if…OP’s name was an attempt to send us a message about the material covered in his post in regard to the ETF market?

Here is the likely-to-be unlikely link: the word Anon is defined as “soon, shortly”. OP went by the name LeaveMeAnon. I.e leave me ‘soon, shortly’. So naturally, I went full tin-foil mode and chased the idea further down the hole. I made the following assumption in doing so, what if OP was telling us,

“the material I’m covering, the current ETF market as we know it, is to be left behind soon/shortly, and let me explain why”

Whereas ‘Game on, Anon’, a phrase located throughout Gamestop’s NFT website, if used under the same pretense, could refer to “Game on, Soon/shortly”.

So the link that would bring me to the absurdly coincidental connection that may, or may not have been fueled by an unhealthy amount of confirmation bias at the time:

Anon’s post is created with knowledge equitable to damn near Burry himself, with the sole purpose of exposing where the true problem lies in the GME saga. He mentions married-puts, high-frequency trading, and ETFs in-depth to show this. Yet, it is the latter most issue that gets the largest emphasis placed on it. Why do I believe that?

Primarily because the more I looked into this situation, the more I began to see that the institutions involved on the short side of GME aren’t the Castle of glass, they simply live in it. The Castle itself…is the entire ETF market. A structure which throughout and within it have become increasingly prevalent by the passing of each day. They are quite literally, a legal method of naked shorting.

Where Anon takes the time to reveal the problem, it’s Gamestop, the company itself, that has quite literally been showing us the solution to this problem. All of which it has been doing through its actions, not its words.Part III – The Solution

If you made it this far, just know I’m proud :’)

Part II is certainly the most tin-foil section in this post, but as you proceed through part III, you’ll soon realize why I found it necessary to provide all that information. This is certainly my favorite part. Stick through to the end and you’ll see why we save the best, for last.

Moving forward right where we left off – If you go onto that same NFT website, copy the link which is posted on their NFT page, paste it into google, and open the first tab from the etherscan website and click on the ‘contracts tab’, guess what you’ll find there…

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

Still, think it’s a simple coincidence? It’s alright, I mean “it’s not it actually means anything…” right Anakin?”…..*zooms in closer*…..” right..?*

Lol don’t actually try to zoom in, there isn’t shit there if you do that. But… third time’s a charm, right? what if there’s more to that phrase than just some random ass meaning?

To find out, I did some more digging around that term after finding the above which would lead me to find the following tweet:

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

That phrase…look familiar? Yeah…we’re about to enter solution territory…and for you “I only believe after a 4th, 5th, 6th coincidence” apes, don’t worry. I’ll get there anon 😉

The link above will take you directly to the page they’ve shown. Upon finding this tweet, I looked into what exactly these guys were talking about. After reading in-depth about what exactly this ‘Metaverse’ is, as well as viewing some of the other links they have posted on their website, you’ll find information about its relation to NFTs, Blackrock, and something known as the Index Cooperative.

Now, why exactly are these things all noteworthy? Well, if you don’t live under a rock and are a certified retarde like yours truly, you’ll remember some hype going around with Gamestops NFT plans. But before we get to that, let’s put this together in a cascading manner so you fully grasp what we’re looking at here.

What is the Metaverse exactly?

  • Per Wikipedia: “The Metaverse is a collective, virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet”
  • It’s further described as a basket of 15 tokens that serve the purpose of capturing entertainment trends, sports, and business shifting to virtual reality.
  • The next absolutely fascinating find in regard to the Metaverse index is one that requires you to zoom out and view the bigger picture. By doing so, you’ll begin to understand what it’s trying to change. An article that goes extremely in-depth on it would provide this insight:
r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

This article above (absolutely excellent read btw) is what links our topic of focus. N F Ts. Notice the black-highlighted sections, primarily the bottom one.

This information takes us back to Accelerated Capitals website. Here we find a bit more relative information to virtual ownership via NFTs, gaming, virtual reality, and entertainment”, as well as the inclusion criteria it has before an NFT can be issued under it.

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

I highlighted the 3 month period because if I remember correctly…there’s a company out there that has something to do with gaming, which was supposed to go bankrupt..but didn’t..and similarly issued an NFT token a few months back…what the date on that? 4/07, now I’m not the best at math but roughly 3 months since then would be…😎 (s/o u/LordoftheEyez for the help on clarifying the timeframe!)

But let’s get a bit more specific, wtf is the Metaverse Index really?

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

Oh boy, well now we’re getting somewhere. After looking into what exactly the Metaverse index was, I found myself directed towards something called the Index Cooperative (Coop Index). Think of this thing as the very top of the cascade, it contains other blockchain-based indices within it, such as the Metaverse Index. Upon visiting The Index Coop website, you get a pretty baseline idea of what it is to better explain:

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

Just a refresher on the cascade of terms here as I explained them a bit out of order, from the highest –> lowest level of priority. (also priority here isn’t me saying least is worst lol, it’s simply in relation to where they actually fall relative to one another)

Index Cooperative > Metaverse, etc > NFTs

Because this cascade functions entirely separate from the modern-day stock market which includes modern-day ETFs as we know them, they play by COMPLETELY different rules.

  • It’d be an absolute shame if a company that was shorted to high-hell…decided to jump ship and hop into this thermonuclear fueled fuckin rocket, and light up all the dipshits who decided to bet against it..
  • A shame for those dipshits, that is. Fkn dingles lmayo..alright back to semi-serious mode…

Going forward, I did some deep dives through other Reddit pages to learn more about this thing, and to my surprise, I got a damn good explanation of what EXACTLY is the Index Coop attempting to become. It is as follows,

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon


Index Cooperative is a DeFi project that’s going after the multi-trillion-dollar [ETF](,the%20day%20on%20stock%20exchanges) (exchange-traded fund) market. At its simplest, an ETF is like a basket of assets (be it stocks, bonds, commodities, or crypto) that can be traded in a group. Companies like Blackrock (under its subsidiary iShare) and Vanguard each have over a trillion dollars under management in the form of ETFs. ETFs have been so popular, that people like Michael Burry (of The Big Short ) have called it a “passive investment bubble”.”

Two things should stick out to you off the bat:

  1. “Own the Blackrock of DeFi” while stating Ethereum ETFs as being a business with a multi-trillion dollar upside.
  2. “Index Cooperative is a DeFi project that’s going AFTER the Muti-trillion ETF market”

Putting these two together took a minute, I found myself asking, how tf Blackrock was thrown into the loop? so I started scavenging through a few more articles through Accelerated Capitals page and found this:

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon
r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon
r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon


Let’s bring all this together now, because if you’ve made it this far, then you’re likely still taking all this in. I know, it’s a lot to take in and I also understand that some of my conclusions are speculative. In the end, this is truly all we can do until the elephant in the room gets so big, that it is no longer possible to ignore or deny it. For this reason, I ask each and every one of my fellow apes to dig into every piece of information I’ve provided above and reason these things out for themselves.

Follow the evidence, question the data, question the logic, and deduce the flaws. Only then can you truly justify to yourself that the investment you’ve made in this stock, was done so out of confidence, and genuine Due-Diligence.

We began by introducing the problem, because, like any other problem you wish to solve, you must first understand the problem. The more complex and/or convoluted that problem is, oftentimes the longer it can take to ascertain the necessary information in properly learning about it. This is something we covered in part I, in which section I introduced you to the elephant in the room, the ETF market, or as I like to call it, The Glass Castle.

In part II, I provided insight into what I like to think of as the intermediate, between the problem and the solution. Though I do not have high expectations for those connections to be outright true, they did not need to be. Their purpose was served the moment they led me to find everything I wrote about in part III.

Within this final part, I described to you the solution. IF I’m right in my thought process here, THEN the actions being taken by RC and Gamestop are quite literally, pointing in a single direction.

Changing the game and giving the power back to the players isn’t just about changing the company, no…It’s about shifting the ENTIRE damn landscape of how the modern-day economy functions. This change, the NFT initiative currently being taken by GME is with damn near certainty moving towards one goal..before we describe that goal, let me provide one last refresher, but this time with analogy’s so there is not a single ape left behind.

  1. At the very top, you have the largest basket: the Index Cooperative (think of this as the new blockchain stock market)
  2. Within this large basket, you have multiple medium-sized baskets: The Metaverse Index, Defi-Pulse index, etc. (Think of this like the SP.Y)
  3. And within individual medium-sized baskets, you’ve got NFT’s (think a jet-fueled gaming company ran by a fuckin 69D chess master)

Imagine an economy where there is no longer a middle man, by which I mean the modern-day banking system as we know it. Ask yourself, if you had the ability to choose a completely different system, where the power of decision-making and investing potential lies in your hands, and not in that of some middle-man who would rather use it for his own personal benefit at the cost of YOUR losses, would you use it?

Quite likely, I’d say. Unless you enjoy getting hoed by greedy scumbags, but you probably wouldn’t have made it this far in this post had that been the case. This leaves us to the ultimate question, what exactly is RC doing?

Based on everything I’ve shown you, He’s planning on cutting out the middle-man. These modern-day Big Banks and pretty much every other financial institution from the SEC to the Fed have been laying in bed together for decades. In doing so, they thrived within their castle while the rest of humanity continued to struggle, often unable to make even our most basic ends meet.

Yet in the end, it was this greed that blinded them. This greed allowed their own naivety to consume them. Most importantly, it was their unending hunger for power and wealth that created a facade so great, that they could no longer see that karma isn’t a bitch. Karma is a fuckin mirror. This is the true cost of their “opportunity”.

And those cracks? Each day that passes, they spread further and deeper. Its flaws can no longer be unseen, nor can they be undone.

Only, replaced.

I’d argue the game isn’t about to change…but rather,

I’d argue, it already has.

P.S Larry Cheng, GME board member, and Matt Finestone, Blockchain guy.

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon
r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

None of this is financial advice, I repeat, I still do not know how to walk on all two’s. Thank you for your time.

EDIT: There’s a pretty fancy pants wrinkly-brained ape down in the comments who did a solid job of providing a description of the kind of changes I had envisioned while writing this DD. I didn’t get around to including most of the things he’s stating, but they are certainly on the same track of thought process. So, it’s only right I add his comment for all apes to see. I’ve described the process, this is what the results, I believe, will look like,

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

EDIT 2: This post was partly inspired by this ape, I had shared my previous DD onto the post containing the video which tied the RRPs to the ETFs. Upon further conversing with this ape last night, he provided me with, what seems to be a hint and I believe, this is what he’s getting at. I’m at my 20 image count but this was his statement:

“I’ll drop this Easter egg on you.”

“Simplicity. Complexity is meant to hide complexity in the markets. Also meant to distance simplicity in relationships. The most complex situations are usually handed over a simple old fashion between friends…or foes. Game on Anon”

My response, after pondering these words:

“simplicity…simplicity in a complex situation, is leaving the complex situation entirely. Their system and all of its cracks, cannot be unseen, nor undone. To replace a system that is so evidently flawed with its complexities requires a simple solution*, leaving it behind entirely, and creating something new.*

“This is my take on your wise words. Game on Anon”

TIT SLAPPIN EDIT 3: Holy fucking. shit. Apes, I need all eyes on this.

Please correct me if I’m wrong as this is out of my field…..but tell me this doesn’t fuckin read the way I think it reads…


r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

Edit 4: Alright apes, I’m just getting around to updating this for inclusion of insight from an ape who is far more versed into this type of language than yours truly. The portion you see below was a conversation I had with this very kind mod from another sub, as I had to post this in other locations due to the initial difficulty of getting it onto the ‘Stonk. This portion has actually been included in the other posts but since I submitted this version before having the conversation below, and it was pushed forward by the mods on superstonk at a later time, it didn’t incorporate this conversation at that time. 

Hence, why I’ve provided this edit now. It’s been a long 24 hours fighting the good fight in an attempt to get people on this sub to see this material, and though a success, I had to rest up so my body could hodl. That’s the context, now the insight.

The breakdown provided by Theta here seems to be far more conclusive in regard to what all that suit talk is truly stating**. Read it a few times over if you have to, but if logic is our basis, then this does make sense until unless we find out otherwise.** Additionally, this ape was able to look around and find some backing for his statement as well! So truly bravo to you sir, know that your assistance in this is greatly appreciated u/Theta-Voidance.

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon

Naturally, where one perspective is correct in deducing the suit-speak, another deduction remains ape-speak. So I crossed off my initial assessment now that we’ve been provided some cleaner insight, but you’ll still find it below for your apely pleasures.

I’ve read this literally 20 times over…I’ve even read the last two damn pages 20 times over to make sure what it’s leading up to is actually what I think it is…

I’ve highlighted it in three different colors to make the transition of statements easier to read, or harder lol idk:

  1. Yellow – if the DTC fails to do its job, and they are not effectively replaced within a 90-day allotted period by a succeeding depository…
  2. Green – we will issue a different type of security different than the type already in the market, but still somewhat similar to it..
  3. Blue – But also, one more thing you fucboys…at any given point in time, and based on our absolute SOLE discretion..
  4. RED – We may decide to just say fuck it, and issue our OWN security which is COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the type already IN the market, AND the same condition apply under the circumstance we swapped them earlier for the semi-similar securities (referenced in the green highlight), in case you try and pull a fast one with those too…

S/o to u/Apprehensive-Use-703 bringing this to my attention…smart ass fkn apes out there man..

Guys….I need some serious wrinkles on this….this is not the shit that I do lol, so someone confirm to me that I’m not geekin and that’s not how that fuckin reads…..because it sounds like Gamestop has literally planned for the TRANSITION step to the shit I’ve covered in this post.


Edit 5: Upon discovery of a tweet dating back to April by a sharp-sighted ape in the comments, we may have some further connection to the Metaverse and Gamestop’s NFT website motto:

“Here’s the link provided by u/WholesomeLowlife

Where have I seen players, creators, collectors before?


And another addition from an Ape that brought some more fascinating insight to me earlier as well, This is in respect to the initial NFT token issued by Gamestop a few months back, here’s his findings:

“Killer DD! So we know the ERC-721 is the 1 GME coin. The Metaverse uses ERC-20 tokens from my understanding. If you look in the wallet that has the 1 ERC-721, it also has 420.69 of the ERC-20.

I remember initially talking was a perceived scam but idk if that’s the case. I think you’re on to something. There is also a wallet that has process over 10k transactions of the ERC-20 coin but idk if that means anything. Hope you see this. If not, I’ll try a message” – u/kevykev89


These findings are certainly fascinating, to say the I ask youhow much do you believe in coincidences? I encourage each and every one of you to ponder upon these relations and come to your own conclusions which make the most sense to you**. I know what I believe, and I stand by my thoughts on those things. All I can hope for is that you find the same hope that I may have. Sometimes, speculations and hypotheticals are just that, but sometimes,** there’s more to them, than may at first, meet the eyes.

Game On, Anon. 💎

Power to the Players 🚀