AMC Gold: Adam Aron says AMC bought a major stake in a mining company. Bullish!!

AMC Gold: Adam Aron says AMC bought a major stake in a mining company. Bullish!!

This story is pure AMC gold. Today, it has emerged that the world’s greatest movie theatre company AMC bought a major stake in a mining company from Nevada which pulls Gold and Silver out of the ground.

The deal, which is said to be worth $27.9 in cash will mean that AMC will receive around 23.4M shares in Hycroft Mining Holding Corp, along with an equal amount of stock warrants (meaning that AMC would have the right to purchase the company stock at a set price at a later date).

Whilst this is a highly unusual move (lets face it, did you expect to hear about AMC gold and silver bullion any time soon?), it’s actually a really interesting play, and although we don’t know the full motivation behind the acquisition, it’s timing is very interesting.

AMC Gold: Just in time for inflationary popcorn

If AMC gold mining company acquisition news has surprised you, consider that Apes already know Adam Aron to be one shrewd operator. Let’s be honest, does anyone for example think for a minute he accidentally forgot he was wearing his ‘shorts’ when Trey interviewed him? Nope. Of course not. Adam Aron knows who his bosses are, and right now, it’s retail Apes.

So that should give you some understanding of why it’s a really smart move for the movie theatre chain to get into the precious metals play right now. It all has to do with that most ‘transitory’ of things, Inflation, and with money printing machines going ‘brrrr’ at a faster rate than Nancy Pelosi’s paper-shredder, the fact is that in times of heavy financial turbulence, Gold and Silver (and to a degree other metals too) are a massive hedge.

“Our strategic investment being announced today is the result of our having identified a company in an unrelated industry that appears to be just like AMC of a year ago….. It, too, has rock-solid assets, but for a variety of reasons, it has been facing a severe and immediate liquidity issue. Its share price has been knocked low as a result. We are confident that our involvement can greatly help it to surmount its challenges — to its benefit, and to ours.”

Adam Aron

And we all know what just happened to the share price… Hycroft mining shares doubled in pre-market trading.

Even more good news for the AMC Hycroft Mining Acquisition

And the great news for those who were already holding Hycroft stock didn’t end with the announcement of AMC’s purchase. Additionally, a metals investor, Eric Sprott is also purchasing an equal number of shares and warrants as AMC, and furthermore, the Sprott Private Resource Lending II has agreed to extend the maturity date of debts owed by Hycroft by a further 2 years to May 2027. As part of this deal, Hycroft will no longer make regular principle payments on the outstanding debt, but instead will make a single payment in 2027, as highlighted by this securities filing.

AMC Gold: Hycroft Mining Securities Filing

Motley Fool says ‘yeah yeah AMC gold right… but overall it’s a terrible buy’

All this is ultimately great news for our beloved AMC, especially after the very bullish 2021 Q4 earnings call where we learned that not only is AMC doing well in the post-covid world, it’s absolutely SMASHING it. AMC gold can only add to the ongoing bullish sentiment amongst apes.

Of course, if you are a regular reader of the mainstream finance ‘news’ you would likely be believing that AMC is a terrible play, second worst only to investing in a fetish shop in Amish country.

Indeed, if you are to believe the narrative, Apes who have been holding since $70 decided to immediately sell at a massive loss, despite the fact that we spent most of yesterday picking up cheap-as-shit shares thanks to Kenny and his merry manipulation band.

We only have one thing to say to Mayo Boi and his mainstream media shills…. Every time you drop the price, Apes are just lapping it up, and therefore you are simply making it cheaper and cheaper for us to wipe that smile off your ugly beak.