On July 4th Weekend, Adam Aron talks Apes, UFC and Pro Sports

On July 4th Weekend, Adam Aron talks Apes, UFC and Pro Sports

Whilst much of the US was engaged in Independence day Grills with their families, Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, took to twitter on July 4th Weekend to announce a number of interesting new services being offered by the memestock theatre chain. As the culture war rages on, with many politicians, Hollywood stars and athletes coming out in opposition to the very idea of American exceptionalism, Aron staked the AMC flag firmly in the side of America great, and once again referenced the Apes directly.

Then he released a series of FUD-busting positive tweets to counter the relentless attack on the stock by hedgies and their mainstream media shills by announcing even more benefits to Apes, with stockholders getting exclusive pre-release screeners of some of this summers biggest movies a full week before general release. This is a new addition to the recently announced AMC Connect program, set up to reward Ape stockholders.

AMC UFC big screen shows

But it didn’t stop there. On the 5th July, as most of the US was enjoying a day off to nurse their Independence Day hangovers, Aron tweeted the companies new feature – AMC Cinemas will begin screening pro-sports, and beginning with the Poirier-Mcgregor UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) battle on July 10th. Announcing that tickets would be just $25 (and noting that pay-per-view of the event costs $70), Aron is clearly embarked on his long anticipated aggressive growth strategy, and it comes just a couple of days after he took to Twitter to clear up the outstanding FUD around him and AMC.

All of this is great news of course, and just the sort of sentiment Apes want to see. Post the July 4th weekend, if we now get great earnings reports from a bonanza weekend at the box office, this could well be everything we need to light the fuse to trigger at least another gamma squeeze.