86,000 AMC Spiderman NFT’s announced. Apes go bananas. Website crashes.

86,000 AMC Spiderman NFT’s announced. Apes go bananas. Website crashes.

On the 28th November, AMC Entertainment’s CEO Adam Aron released this well hyped tweet announcing a partnership with Sony Pictures, giving 100 unique AMC Spiderman NFT’s away free to the first 86,000 buyers of tickets to see the new Spiderman No Way Home movie on December 16th.

This, as the Silverback himself put it, was an idea which came from the community, and was addressed in the Q2 Earnings call, where investors questions were answered by the chairman himself.

The website was overwhelmed with visitors, and it crashed, which is quite a feat, and just goes to demonstrate the sheer numbers that this community has. And more importantly, this offer was only available to Stubs Premiere, A List and Investor Connect members in the USA, which of course narrows down the field of eligible apes.

The website address for NFTs is here, but warning, at the time of writing, it was still down. Whether or not this is because of the amount of apes still launching themselves at the firewalls trying to get one, or whether it was totally sold out is unclear.

Naturally, the usual amount of Ape Screeching started up, with some annoyed that it wasn’t the NFT they wished to see, and many doing a comparison to the GME/Loopring hype, and others talking about it not being the now shutdown idea by Mark Cahodes. But most apes had their tits jacked to the max, with some saying they’d be very willing to drive hundreds of miles to their nearest AMC cinema.

AMC spiderman nft's - very popular
This ape gets it.

AMC Spiderman NFT’s – What’s the deal with 86,000?

As the internet loves to find hidden esoteric messages in everything, many were asking why the number 86,000 was chosen relating to the AMC Spiderman NFT’s. We don’t have the answer, of course, but some of the interesting theories which abound include:

  • A Tweet from LordAMC/GME saying that perhaps it has to do with issue 86 of the Amazing Spiderman comic, released in 1970, in which the hero battles a fake copy of himself. Interesting, and definitely one of the most tin foil hatty explanations, but we like it a lot.
  • Pete G who said that apparently 86 in the food service industry means a certain item has run out.
  • The 8th letter of the alphabet is H and the 6th letter is F, put them together and you get HF. And they’re going to Zero….
  • The term 86 refers in urban slang to being killed, murdered, executed… essentially it suggests being taken 80 miles out and 6 feet under, and in this context, users are assuming it means the Hedgies are FUKT.
  • On a similar vein, 86 is also regarded as rhyming slang for “Nix”, or to destroy, delete, kill or otherwise remove.
  • As part of the jargon used by soda jerks, which is a pun on soda clerk, the formal job title of the drugstore assistants (normally young people) who operated soda fountains. Walter Winchell, the famous columnist feared by the elitists of his day because he broke embarrassing stories about them, wrote about this in 1933, in his syndicated On Broadway column. In this, the code 13 meant that a boss was around, 81 was a glass of water and 86 meant “all out of it”….which could be a nod to being all out of real shares perhaps?

Either way, the news of the AMC Spiderman NFT’s is great hype, and whilst it may not be the trigger to bring about MOASS, it’s certainly causing a buzz, which is what Adam Aron is very good at.

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