Instructions for the AMC SAY App Vote

Instructions for the AMC SAY App Vote

This post is a direct reproduction of the Reddit post 🚨🚀🚀🚨INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SAY APP VOTE INCLUDING NON-US SHAREHODLERS🚨🚀🚀🚨 by u/_Cali-Grown_. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this post, and it’s here simply for posterity and preservation.

EDITORS NOTE: For those who don’t know what’s going on with regards to the AMC SAY app vote, this post should give you everything you need to understand this, but the TL;DR is that Apes seem to have figured out a legal and clever way to do an actual verified share count of AMC stock. If you want to get involved, and add to the AMC SAY App vote count, please read fully to get details about what this is and how to use it.

Ok, shills are trying to stop this. There has been heavy downvoting on anything related to this vote. If you don’t know already, AMC CEO AA put out this link for shareholders to ask questions and vote on those questions. It uses a third party to verify that you are a shareholder and will count how many shares you have. When you vote on a question, it tallies how many shares you have and keeps a running count on there. This is the ONLY way that we can get a 100% accurate, legitimate, undeniable, count of how many shares are out there. Hedgies do not want this. Shills are pushing hard to distract us. DO YOU WANT THIS THING TO SQUEEZE? DO YOUR PART AND VOTE. Take the time to get your shares counted. This can trigger the MOASS. It is solid PROOF that there’s is illegal naked shorting. The SEC will HAVE to do something. The media will HAVE to report it. If they don’t, this is still going to show all the other investors out there that are skeptical, that there is a short squeeze coming. Our numbers could quadruple from that influx of new apes and that could trigger the MOASS. I don’t care if you hold 0.00213% of a share or 50 million shares. Go fucking vote and get your shares verified. Got it? Good.

Now, I know it can be confusing for many apes. I scoured the sub and found links to instructions for how to link different accounts and get your shares counted and posted them down below. I do not know the answers to damn near any of the questions you might have. I use Fidelity. They make it easy. The Say app is already connected to it. I’m counting on other apes here to help out our brothers and sisters that are having trouble in the comments. If there are instructions for any other brokers not listed, please, link them in the comments or DM me and I will edit and add them in.

Also important after you create your account and can vote…

VOTE FOR THE FIRST QUESTION. IT IS ASKED BY TIMOTHY B. It is “Do you have any plans to offer dividends?”

If you do not vote for that question, your shares will not be counted in a meaningful way. You might as well do nothing.

Your vote may not be able to go through on the first try either. That is because there is a lot of traffic. Keep trying. Do not give up until your vote is in. Don’t be lazy on this one.

Lastly, there are only about 4 days left to vote. At the time of writing there are only 37.8k votes. What the fuck apes? There’s 400,000 of us subscribed to this sub. We need to do better than this. Do not let shills distract us. I want to see every ape commenting on every post in this sub telling people to vote! If we do not get enough votes in and have those shares counted, then we are preventing the MOASS from happening. If you aren’t helping spread this message for the next 4 days then you are preventing MOASS from happening. We need all hands on deck here. We can do this. Godspeed you beautiful fucking apes.

First edit: Apparently Etoro is not supported. If anybody can confirm this or knows a way to do it on Etoro. We need you.

The Link for SayTechnologies

(This is the link that AA put out himself. If you don’t have fidelity on iOS you need to create and account here and link your broker. Contact say by sending an email. Or contact your broker if you have trouble)

Webull link

Non-US Apes

(EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this may not work for all Non-US apes. If any of you Non-US apes know a way to link your brokerage please post in the comments or DM me)


(This only works for iOS users. Follow the top link provided if you do not have iOS)