AMC Short Interest At A New All Time High on anniversary of the Buy Button Removal

AMC Short Interest At A New All Time High on anniversary of the Buy Button Removal

On Friday 28th 2022, the one year anniversary of the Buy Button removal on Robinhood (and let’s not forget other brokerages too), Ortex reports AMC short interest at a new all time high.

On Friday, the SI finished UP 3.38% with 3.82 Million Additional Shares Borrowed. Going into Friday was 112.80 Million Shares brings us Monday morning up to 116.62 Million shares on loan. This is bullish AF, and some of our Ape brethren are suggesting that with AMC short interest at a new all time high, the rockets are primed, and we’re just waiting for the countdown to zero now.

AMC Short Interest At A New All Time High looks like a trigger

Now, firstly, let’s all make sure we keep it real here. Short Interest on Ortex firstly is self-reported, and accounts for only about 85% of the major brokerages, and we all know about the shenanigans which SHF’s are using to hide their dirty naked shorts (we’ve only been going on about it for a year or so, right?).

And let’s do a quick calculation. We know that Apes continue to HODL and buy more. Our Silverback CEO himself has already confirmed that apes own the float. That much is true. But now what we’re seeing is more than one in five shares is out on loan, and this is of course not at all remotely suspicious is it?

Whilst we don’t like to make predictions about MOASS, because, well lets face it, we’ve heard it all before, this last year has given us some interesting highs and lows, and it’s probably worth reminding ourselves that the wider market is basically sitting on a time-bomb at the moment, and the AMC ape thesis is that a market crash could easily trigger a massive short squeeze.

January 28 2022: The anniversary of the Buy Button Removal

Friday was the anniversary of the buy button removal, which a great many of us was engineered between everyone’s favourite financial terrorist (allegedly) Ken Griffin and Vlad Tenev, the CEO of beleaguered brokerage Robinhood, who’s shares have taken somewhat of a battering since their mid-year public offering. We are of course absolutely shocked that pissing off millions of Apes would have had such a stunning effect, with millions withdrawing their investments and going elsewhere.

2022 is certainly lining up to be an interesting year for Apes. Hold your banana’s, and LFG.