Final Boarding Call To The Moon…

Final Boarding Call To The Moon…

Welcome, to the final boarding call to the moon. This article appeared on Reddit by user u/swede_child_of_mine, an OG ape who’s provided much awesome DD in the past, including the brilliant ‘the sun never sets on citadel‘ series. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this article, and it’s here simply as a backup in case it gets yeeted by big tech.

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ALERT: This could be the final boarding call

Background: I have several DD’s in the HOF and other expository pieces that explain what Citadel is doing and the strategic significance of their actions. I usually take awhile to write (I’m still working on The Sun Never Sets on Citadel, Part 4 which should be out in 2 weeks), but I saw some events today that deserve a post.

ICYMI, we have seen some significant events in the past TWO TRADING DAYS:

  • Bloomberg alerting that there may be a squeeze
  • 45 minute delay in getting $GME data this morning (s/o u/justtwogenders)
  • Borrow rate jump to 3% today
  • Major data glitches (s/o u/bronkula)
  • What appears to be the $GME ticker being priced on “manual” instead of “automatic” (s/o u/justtwogenders – again!)
  • A 10%+ bump in $GME (woot!)
  • NYSE is FUCKING CLOSED AH (s/o u/Tartooth)[edit: debunked, still open]
  • The Fed building an options desk in Chicago (WTF?) (s/o u/welp007)
  • IKBR revealing $GME as the top shorted ticker (s/o to u/jdudisiajendhd)
  • (…and props for acknowledging the math error, though don’t delete those debunked posts! Put a disclaimer on top, it’s still informative even if debunked)

And even more in the past two weeks:

  • The Plunge Protection Team is suspected to have staved off economic collapse via an obscene volume of SPY puts, like they are OG r*tards on double-u-ess-bee
  • The SEC tweeting about suspending tickers, dissolving firms
  • NFLX, TSLA, AMZN, FB, and other Citadel longs have all dropped precipitously in price (s/o u/kaiserfiume)

Taken individually, each of these points is interesting. Taken in sum:TL;DR – It appears like Citadel has may have been removed from $GME, and the Fed is taking over.

My logic:

  • Citadel is one of, if not the, largest options MMs in the US
  • That the Fed has built an options desk in Chicago and has already massively jumped into options shows that this is not a far-fetched “hypothetical”
  • I suspect the Fed has assumed the job to make sure $GME doesn’t break the entire financial system, and will take related options from Citadel
  • Citadel is the largest MM in the NYSE. Their role as DMM is to set the opening and closing price of securities they are responsible for.
  • That there were opening issues for $GME for 45 minutes AND the NYSE is down after hours, AND there being data issues, to me, is significant.
  • Citadel is deeply intertwined with NYSE operations, and aligning with a new entity (i.e. not Virtu) would be exactly this disruptive.
  • The blow of $GME’s increase in price, plus the punch of shares being increasingly difficult to locate (DRS FTW BITCHES), plus the blow of asset value decline could be pushing Citadel to default territory.
  • The decline in value of Citadel’s longs would be the double-whammy; they would be selling their positions, while ALSO lowering the value of any remaining positions in those tickers.

Now, it could also be that Citadel is on the ropes with $GME. The Fed is laying the groundwork to jump in once it takes off. Citadel could still have control. This could also be true.

But…IBKR acknowledging the $GME short volume is MASSIVE. I see this as the white flag from the institutions

THE LAST THING these guys want is another “sneeze”-like setup.

  • [Edit: They have held the borrow rate at 1% for this long, and have not needed to disclose shorts. They don’t need to disclose. So why announce now? What changed?]
  • Retail fomo-ing in on GME, which just had a fucking MOVIE come out about it THIS WEEK, is a REAL possibility. It’s like an underground fire that can re-ignite the surface. Explode, actually.
  • The financial institutions are not sure they are able to control the narrative. Even with all of the shill accounts, it could get out of hand extremely quickly, and everyone could jump back in.
  • So, the fact that they are disclosing a massive short position? That HAS to be intentional.
  • [Edit: the financial firms and their media mouthpieces have acted in tandem to suppress short information up to this point. So announcing $GME short positions is usually a no-go]
  • Questtrade shat themselves over an email disclosure this week, let alone announcing an undisclosed ocean of shorts.

I’m happy to be wrong on this, but I’m calling out what I see. It’s starting to look like the Fed has called the match and is stepping in.

The question that remains is: how much of Citadel is the Fed taking?

[Edit: Again, this is only my perspective on an extremely interesting constellation of events. A counter-constellation would be that these events are happening the same week the movie is out (scheduled for release awhile in advance) – so it’d be easier to create some kind of hopium trap. That said, I’m not sure that they are confident in preventing a squeeze. Announcing short interest is playing with matches around gasoline fumes…]

[Edit 2: Okay okay, this is one of them old-timey hopium posts. Circumstantial? Totally. Relevant? Yes. People readying their bodies? Oh yeah. DRS is the way, folks, and options are power. And remember: OPTIONS for at least T+35 after… what was it, 1/21? Check gherk’s posts.]

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