Apestocks: FTD’s total 40% of the float

Apestocks: FTD’s total 40% of the float

On 1st Feb 2022, Jackson Hunter put out this series of tweets (which we’ve happily compiled for you into one article) which suggests reported GME and AMC FTD’s total 40% of the float on each stock. Well, that got some titties Jacked.

We should point out that Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this information, nor do we guarantee it’s accuracy. In fact, we have apes here in the office who believe it’s probably nearer to 100%, but they spend a lot of time with crayons up their noses and so shouldn’t ever be trusted.

As always, this is not financial advice, do your own research, and regard this article as for entertainment purposes only. Now, with that out of the way, let’s find out why Jackson thinks FTD’s total 40% of the float, and what this could mean for your banana’s.

FTD’s total 40% of the AMC and GME Floats

If you want to view the original twitter thread, it’s here.

Jackson Hunter’s original Twitter Thread

Jackson Hunter’s tweet-thread which claims the FTD’s total 40% of both apeStocks floats is here in full:

During nightly routine research, I’ve come across some interesting numbers In 2021, AAPL had 37,893,898 Failures-to-Deliver. Important to note is the stock’s float, which is 16.3B. The 2021 FTDs for AAPL were 0.23% of it’s float.

Let’s take a look at TSLA, another popular stock. In 2021, TSLA had 13,730,135 had Failures-to-Deliver. TSLA’s float is 809.38M. The 2021 FTDs for TSLA were 1.7% of it’s float.

Now we’ll check out MSFT. In 2021, MSFT had 3,410,612 Failures-to-Deliver. MSFT’s float is 7.49B. The 2021 FTDs for MSFT were 0.045% of it’s float.

Back to the ape stocks. In 2021, GME had 24,384,716 Failures-to-Deliver. GME’s float is 62.52M. The 2021 FTD’s for GME were 39% of it’s float.

In 2021, AMC had 209,420,804 Failures-to-Deliver. AMC’s float is 513.22M. The 2021 FTD’s for AMC total 40% of it’s float.

Well, that’s rather bullish. If you want to understand more about this, here’s another interesting article which looks into Failure to Delivers (FTD’s) and gives a bit more info about how SHF’s are managing to kick the can down the road on them.

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