DOJ Corporate Crime Advisory Group. All talk, no action?

DOJ Corporate Crime Advisory Group. All talk, no action?

The new DOJ Corporate Crime Advisory Group has been announced, in the usual political fanfare of saying a lot whilst giving absolutely no specifics whatsoever. Whilst some of the YouTube Apes are hailing this as a major victory in the fight again Ken Griffin and his like, the fact remains that this announcement of a new Corporate Crime Advisory group is a whole lot of talk at this time, and the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from politicians.

What is the DOJ Corporate Crime Advisory?

Probably best to get it direct, so do watch this video, and the main salient point begins around 18m 20s of the video below.

It’s worth remembering that Ken Griffin is very good at buying off politicians, having donated more than $100M to politicians, who some years down the line seem to bring up the desire to pass laws that directly benefit Ken and Citadel. Nobody can figure out quite why any politician would want to propose or advance legislation that has a positive direct impact on the people who gave them large amounts of cash previously. Nothing at all to see here.

Whether or not the DOJ Corporate Crime Advisory group will do anything at all, let alone lead to real justice, is debatable. It might be worth pointing out that the current US Administration is smarting quite a lot at the moment as Kenny appears to have been funding mostly republicans recently. But on the basis that the current President has an approval rating slightly lower than that of Atilla the Hun, it’s not that surprising really that Kenny might well be backing the other horse with 2022 and 2024 elections in mind.