AMC April 22 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC April 22 2021


Rule 15c3-3(b)(3) goes into effect.  It “requires broker-dealers entering into agreements with their customers (e.g., apes) who lend the broker-dealers fully-paid or excess margin securities to provide the securities lenders (e.g., apes) with collateral that fully secures the loans.”

(Apish:  “Nope, you may no longer engage in your usual trickery.  Rule 008 is pending.  In the meantime, you overleveraged turds must now have the cash/collateral ON-HAND to fully cover every share that you borrow/lend, including unrealized losses!  And, if you scumbags need to borrow more each day, you must also sufficiently increase your cash/collateral ON-HAND to be able to FULLY COVER each day.  No, it’s not yet an official law or regulation, but we’re watching you.  Rest assured that we will F you down the line if you cross us while Rule 008 is pending.”)