AMC July 8 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC July 8 2021

  1. Opened at 40.95, hit a low of $38.76, and closed at $47.94 (+6.37%).  It rose to as high as $49.74 in AH, ending the AH session at $49.13 (+2.48).  Apes are showing remarkable resolve, once again proving that the selling pressure is entirely artificial.
  2. Wells Fargo is discontinuing personal lines of credit and will close existing accounts.
  3. Reminder: Jim Cramer is shilling trash.  Call out his corruption whenever you can.
  4. The media admits that apes aren’t leaving!
  5. Genuine apes never post that “someone I know sold” because genuine apes know that doing so promotes negative sentiment, which is bad for morale.  It also plants a subconscious seed in readers’ minds that “somebody else sold, so it’s OK for me to sell, too.”  Therefore, anyone who posts about “someone else” selling is ignorant at best and a hedge fund shill at worst.  Aggressively call it out whenever you see it!
  6. German apes fly a “To the Moon” airplane banner over Frankfurt.
  7. Short sellers lost $44 billion over 30 days, with AMC wreaking the most damage, by far, at $2.8 billion.  AMC also finished second only to Tesla—which has a 25-times-larger market cap—for increased short exposure in June.
  8. Hedge fund managers’ worst enemy is an apathetic ape.  This truth is truly true!  Stay numb and dumb, apes.
  9. Shorts lost $800 million today.
  10. Hedge fund managers study Reddit!  That’s a fact!  They “scour social media and message boards to look for shares that retail investors are rallying around.”  So, keep your transaction data to yourself!  
  11. Institutions are gobbling up bullish options contracts!

Institutions continued to join in on the fun and purchased over $3.08 million worth of bullish AMC call contracts. Institutions have been hammering options contracts for weeks on the stock and don’t look to be letting up anytime soon. One institution chose a strike price of $100 and an expiry of July 16 indicating they believe another big move is in the very near future.

Information provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.