AMC May 14 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 14 2021

  1. Chance the Rapper tells his 8,000,000 Twitter followers to buy AMC!
  2. Demand for moviegoing is exploding!
  3. B. Riley analyst Eric Wold reiterated a “Buy” rating for AMC stock and raised the price target to $16.00 from $13.00.  Even Motley Stool can’t deny the awesomeness without losing the .01 oz of credibility that it has left.
  4. AMC stock surges to longest win streak in nearly 2 years!
  5. Illegal, “dark pool” trading and naked shorting accounted for 57.8% (88,227,728) of the 170,000,000 volume today.  #SECDoYourJob
  6. Rich “Triple Neck” Greenfield insults Trey in a Tweet @ Adam Aron that is also clearly designed to intimidate Aron, with the asinine implication being that Aron is violating SEC rules by communicating certain unknown information to Trey.
  7. The “Battle for $13.01” didn’t have the perfect, “storybook” ending for apes, as AMC finished at $12.98 in another nail-biter that was soiled by the usual hedge fund fraud in the final minutes.  However, it’s still a massive victory for apes, as almost 95,000 call options (about 9,500,000 shares) expired ITM (“In the Money”) from $10.00 to $12.50.  The hedge scum desperately wanted to keep the price below $10, let alone $12.50.  Gamma squeeze potential is looking mighty freakin’ good!  Is it Monday yet?
  8. Pressure mounts on the SEC to stop hedge funds’ illegal manipulation of the market with naked shorting.
  9. Over 7,400 new apes joined r/amcstock in the last 24 hours!  Keep sending invites—along with this informative timeline—to everyone you know!  More apes = more buying pressure!
  10. New “celebs” are catching the FOMO every day.  Chael Sonnen and Jake Paul hype AMC!  Start watching at 16:55.
  11. In a 13F, Vanguard disclosed its acquisition of 37,441,784 AMC shares.

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.