BEWARE Talk of a “Controlled Squeeze”.

BEWARE Talk of a “Controlled Squeeze”.

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BEWARE Talk of a “Controlled Squeeze”.

BEWARE Talk of a "Controlled Squeeze".

Shit DD

Yes – the DTCC and others are implementing rules designed to soften the impending crash. Yes there are new things in place to limit exposure for those who did and did not cause this issue. NO – steering the price to “seemingly” top out at $300 is NOT the SQUEEZE.

2 things are happening now.

First, HFs are using bots and FUD to convince apes $300 is a good exit point. Second, there is supposed coordination with the alphabet soup entities to allow price suppression to AID the HF effort to convince apes to sell. Don’t. Not at $100. Not at $300.

This is an effort to convince us to NOT let it run up to $1000, $10,000…$100,000 when the times comes. They do not want us realizing the true value because that will likely collapse many players, their buddies.

I’m not here to tell anyone where or when to sell. My only message is don’t fall for the BULLSHIT and to HOLD for what YOU think the price should be. Apes OWN the float so apes set the price. Your number is your number.

The actual squeeze starts in the thousands, not the hundreds. Remember this.

HOLD apes.

Don’t let them seduce you from your victory.

This is my opinion, not financial advice.

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