AMC April 20 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC April 20 2021

  1. Date by which the share count—which will expose the number of synthetic shares—must be completed, which is 14 days before the shareholder meeting on May 4.

(HUGE NEWS:  After the audit finished on Tuesday, April 20, there were suddenly zero [0] shares available to short, which remained the case for the next 8 days!  That is NOT a coincidence.  Did the recount uncover an insane number of synthetic shares? Seems likely.  That would obviously disallow additional share lending, which is exactly what we saw.)

  1. DTC-2021-007 proposed

“. . . market transparency to accurately determine the number of shares loaned, identify proper share ownership, and calculate the risk associated with share loans (all of which is currently self-reported) to prevent over-leveraging in the future.”

  1. AMC is buying movie theaters again!  

A cash-strapped company does not buy more brick-and-mortar stores.  Methinks Aron knows that AMC will be coming into a ton of money very soon (or already has).

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.