AMC April 27 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC April 27 2021

  1. AMC’s daily share turnover rate falls to a minuscule 2.86%, indicating virtually no selling activity.  (You pesky, retarded, diamond-handed bastards!)
  2. In a monumental win for apes (and with a sly wink from Aron on the 3-month anniversary of the January 27 mini-squeeze), AMC’s latest Schedule 14A formally cancels the shareholder vote to authorize 500 million new shares.  The possibility that hedge fund managers could potentially use those new shares to cover is now gone!  The FUD and selling pressure surrounding those 500M potential shares are now gone!  (I believe that Aron never intended to follow through on the vote.  He merely used the vote as the required means to activate a share recount so that he could identify the number of notorious “synthetic shares” that will ultimately represent the final nail in hedge funds’ collective coffin!  Whew!  The recount took place on April 20.  Apes will receive the recount results on or shortly after the shareholder meeting on May 4.)
  3. AMC’s latest Form S-3 indicates that—over the course of the next 3 years—Aron will incrementally release/sell in a smart, calculated manner the 43,000,000 shares that were already authorized for release way back in 2013.  It’s a “Shelf Offering,” meaning that the shares can be issued/sold slowly over a 3-year period (and only when it makes sense to do so).  These shares will certainly pose no threat to the pending squeeze.  In fact, to me, it’s obvious that Aron’s plan is to release shares ***AFTER*** the squeeze in order to capitalize on a much higher PPS.  Everyone wins that way (especially Aron and his two sons, who collectively own 3,600,000 shares)!  
  4. Apparently, AMC is “In Play.” The term “in play” refers to a firm that becomes a potential takeover target or puts itself up for sale with multiple bidders.  When a firm becomes in play, news spreads about the potential deal.  Speculation leads the share price to increase in value, making it much more volatile.
  5. LAPD says Deutsche Bank whistleblower is missing

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.