AMC June 18 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC June 18 2021

  1. WARNING:  Exercise your options ASAP in the morning to prevent your broker from selling them without your permission!
  2. Surprise, surprise: the SEC will suddenly be closed today, June 18, in observance of Juneteenth.  Really?  Juneteenth?  What a load of shit!  This could be one of the most important, impactful days in the history of the stock market, and the SEC makes up a convenient excuse to go take a carefree walk in the fuckin’ park.  Wow, just wow.
  3. Hedge funds are in extreme trouble.  According to Stonk-O-Tracker, at least 414,377 additional call option contracts will expire ITM (in the money) if AMC can sustain a share price of $40+.  Hedge funds will have to purchase 41,437,700 additional shares at $40+ each!  Apes must prepare for the biggest, most important battle of the AMC movement thus far.  This may very well be for all the marbles!  If AMC finishes above $40, it’s “Hello, gamma squeeze!  See you soon, MOASS!”

I’m making no guarantees of anything in particular.  However, I’m a big proponent of apes supporting and preparing for certain “likelihoods” by mentally blocking out the FUD and keeping as much cash/powder on-hand as possible for the week.  It’s important to be smart and strategic all week long (June 14-18).  For example, if AMC is sitting pretty at $80 on Wednesday, don’t let your guard down.  Expect the hedge funds to hit hard Thursday and Friday in an effort to drop the price below $40.  THAT is when apes will need to unleash their true buying power.  To that end, I have already set aside a nice chunk of change that I will absolutely not spend unless/until I have to during “Power Hour” on Friday, June 18.  I will continue to buy all week with other funds, but I have set aside that separate “Friday” money in order to do everything in my power to ensure that AMC finishes above $40 in the final minutes. This—in my opinion—is the way.

  1. The main AMC stock group in Reddit (r/amcstock/) just surpassed 350,000 members!
  2. In the “Battle of $60.01,” the hedge scum unleashed an onslaught of dark pool fuckery to drop the price from $64.95 to $59.26 at the close.  The hedge funds temporarily escaped ultimate doom but still suffered massive losses on ITM call options at $59 and below.
  3. Perspective.  Whenever a shill moron suggests that apes are in any way losing, counter with this data.  Here’s a list of the closing price on each of the last 12 Fridays:
  • April 2:  $9.36
  • April 9:  $9.42
  • April 16:  $9.33
  • April 23:  $10.16
  • April 30:  $10.03
  • May 7:  $9.51
  • May 14:  $12.98
  • May 21:  $12.08
  • May 28:  $26.12
  • June 4:  $47.91
  • June 11:  $49.40
  • AMC June 18:  $59.26

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.