AMC May 12 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 12 2021

  1. Borrowing fee now 89% on Stonk-O-Tracker and 247% on Ortex!

Click here for an explanation of what the 247% Ortex borrow fee means for hedge funds.

  1. Former Wall Street lawyer:

This is bigger than we know. There is an [SEC] investigation into short position trading activity and its relation to clearing trades and market maker activity. . . . The new SEC Chairman is not messing around.

  1. FWIW:

Citadel bribed NYSE through a SuperPAC to make infrastructure changes to the national best bid and offer co-location feed arrangements. They wanted the NYSE to set up tiered services and massive fees, so alternative exchanges would want to integrate their data [in]to the NBBO at slower speeds which puts profit directly into Citadel’s pocket.  Because at its heart, Citadel is still a ******* scalper.

  1. Options traders are betting big that AMC is going to $40+ by June 18.
  2. Talk of “margin calls” on CNBC.
  3. Thousands of new apes are joining r/amcstock every day!  Current membership stands at 159,000.  Keep spreading the word, apes!
  4. FICC amends FICC-2021-801 and FICC-2021-003.
  5. Per Ortex, 5 million shares borrowed at 129% today!
  6. The Dow 30 (-681.50 / -1.99%), S&P 500 (-89.06 / -2.14%), Nasdaq (-357.75 / -2.67%), Russell 2000 (-71.85 / -3.26%), Crude Oil (-0.48 / -0.73%), Gold (-6.30 / -0.35%), and Silver (-0.10 / -0.36%) all finished in the red as part of a massive sell-off!  AMC, on the other hand, was green at +0.27 (+2.69%)!  The entire world knows what’s coming, and they’re all preparing for it.  Nobody wants to hold any non-AMC or non-“Reddit” securities when all of the forced liquidations begin.
  7. The SEC rejects NSXE (14-day grace period)!  Hedge funds’ abusive access to certain dark pool data feeds and “dark fibers” that make HFT (high frequency trading) possible is suspended as of tomorrow!
  8. The SEC formally approves NSCC-2021-006 and puts it into immediate effect!

The foregoing rule change has become effective pursuant to Section 19(b)(3)(A)21 of the Act and paragraph (f)22 of Rule 19b-4 thereunder.

  1. According to Yahoo Finance users, E*TRADE is sending email solicitations to its customers to convince them to lend their AMC shares to bail out the enemy!  Screw E*TRADE!

Lend stocks, get paid.
We want to let you know that one or more of your accounts may be eligible for the E*TRADE Fully Paid Lending Program.

Impact on holdings
Securities we borrow from you may be used to facilitate short selling which could contribute to lowering the price of the securities on loan.

That’s self-defeating!  Why would anyone willingly lower the price of his/her holdings for some chump-change interest?!

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.