AMC May 13 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 13 2021

  1. Sunshine Act meeting

UPDATE:  Cancelled for the 2nd time!

  1. Citadel’s liquidity test takes place!
  2. Adam Aron to Trey: “Short sellers should be shitting their pants!”
  3. Trey will interview Adam Aron again in “early June.”
  4. AMC reveals that it raised another $428,000,000 by having already sold the “spooky” 43,000,000 shares at an average price of $9.94.  The news contributed to the share price rocketing up from $10.32 to $14.20, ending the day at $12.77 (+23.73%).
  5. First electronic AMC sign appears in Delaware.
  6. The CDC announces that vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks indoors or outdoors!  So, AMC theaters just got a whole lot more comfortable and attractive to millions of people around the world (especially those with breathing issues)!
  7. AMC is the first theater to offer “Dreamscape” VR (Virtual Reality).  It’s available only in Dallas and Columbus thus far, but more locations are coming soon!
  8. What a day!  Various catalysts contributed to the stock price surging as much as 37.5% to $14.20 before closing at $12.77 (+23.73%).  After hours was also quite the rollercoaster ride, ranging from $12.15 to $12.90 and ending at $12.87.
  9. In my opinion, the PPS hit a wall at $14.20 because it was the first opportunity to sell in the green for paper hands who bought in at $14.00 during the micro-squeeze in mid-March.  When they all sold today, that took a toll on the stock price.  Combined with simultaneous selling at $14 by day traders, swing traders, scalpers, and shorts, the price dropped from $14.20 to $12.77.  Rest assured, however, that AMC is primed with rocket fuel for the “Battle of $13.01” tomorrow!
  10. Disney moves from co-release on Disney+ to 45-day exclusivity in theaters.

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.