AMC June 10

The most important roundup of news for AMC June 10 2021

  1. S&P boosts AMC’s credit rating!  If AMC uses its cash to pay down debt, refinances expensive debt incurred during the pandemic, and sees improved theater attendance, it has “a path to a sustainable capital structure,” S&P analysts wrote, adding that they may upgrade the movie theater chain again in the future.
  2. On Fox Business, Charles Payne and Matt Kohrs shed light on dark pools and hedge funds’ other illegal activities.
  3. Hedge funds once again illegally create fake selling volume to drop the PPS to $42.81 (-13.23%).  Apes aren’t falling for it!  Apes laugh.  Apes aren’t leaving!  Apes buy more!
  4. Apes counterattack in the after hours session by bravely buying the artificial discount, driving the PPS up to as high as $46.50 (+8.61%), closing AH at $45.65 (+6.63%).
  5. The main AMC stock group in Reddit (r/amcstock/) hit the 325,000-member milestone only 4 days after surpassing 300,000!
  6. The SEC hasn’t been prosecuting naked shorting cases to this point because they aren’t “sexy” (start at the 4:45-mark in the video).  Excuse my French, but what a fucking joke!  The CNBC host then calls out the lawyer for “turning a blind eye” to the fraud (start at the 8:00-mark in the video).  

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.