AMC May 19 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 19 2021

  1. As established earlier (see April 28 entry), May 19 is the deadline for hedge funds to purchase all FTD synthetic shares that were identified during the share recount.  If not, all of their assets can go into forced liquidation at big banks’ discretion.  We could be looking at Archegos x 100.

UPDATE:  No, I do not yet know how/if this date has been affected by other recent changes.  When/If I know for sure, I’ll amend this entry.  😉

  1. Massive sell-off in crypto and blue chip stocks continues (in order to gain liquidity for margin calls).
  2. Recent OCC regulatory moves indicate that AMC short sellers may go bust
  3. A record 314 institutions now hold AMC shares, with an institutional position increase of 123% from just 3 days ago!
  4. Hedge funds are desperate to fool apes into selling before the June 2 share-count.  They know that June 2 is their doomsday!  Massive fraud in dark pool trading and naked shorting sank AMC today by as much as 13.4%, finishing at $12.64 (-9.91%).
  5. Margin call essentially confirmed by CNBC!
  6. The danger of using stop-loss orders was highlighted today, as the hedge funds took full advantage of smooth-brained apes.  Stop-loss orders are very, very bad!  The hedge funds used “vertical attacks” precisely to trigger stop-loss orders.  When triggered en masse, the price plummets (today, by as much as 13.4%).
  7. According to Ragnar Ericsson:

Ken Griffin took a $200 million bailout from American taxpayers in 2008.  He just bought a $238 million penthouse apartment while aggressively shorting an American institution in @AMCTheatres. 

  1. There were officially 21,861,633 FTD (Failed-to-Deliver) shares for the month of April!  Keep in mind that this does not include synthetic shares.

April 1:  19,790

April 5:  1,117,734

April 6:  2,223,655

April 7:  793,933

April 8:  197,902

April 9:  48,198

April 12:  13,599

April 13:  453,643

April 14:  2,709,393

April 15:  703,166

April 16:  3,382,090

April 19:  749,943

April 20:  1,065,042

April 21:  286,778

April 22:  1,685,492

April 23:  1,144,738

April 26:  1,946,935

April 27:  2,308,269

April 28:  356,665

April 29:  456,221

April 30:  198,447

  1. SR-OCC-2021-004 passed today!

It’s the fourth major rule/law to pass (on record) since May 11, following SR-ICC-2021-005, NSCC-2021-006, and ICC-2021-007.

Goes into effect this week.  Creates a more controlled wind-down process of a defaulting member and decreases volatility in the wake of a collapse.  Could be seen by the OCC, SEC, Berkshire, and BlackRock as a prerequisite to the squeeze-starting margin calls.

  1. re:  SR-DTC-2021-005

In short, SR-DTC-2021-005 will limit the ability of market makers and hedge funds working together to reset FTD transactions and/or conceal short positions through nefarious options trading.  An agent from DTCC confirms that “the filing is currently being finalized and will be filed shortly. . . . [It] will be effective [immediately] upon filing with the SEC [because the SEC already officially stated that it has no objection].”  

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.