AMC June 5 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC June 5 2021

  1. Apes, you have one job this weekend: relentlessly spread the word about #NakedShorts.  It’s trending on Twitter.  Let’s continue to blow it up on all social media platforms so that the SEC simply can’t ignore it any longer.  RECENT PRECEDENT HAS PROVEN THAT SOCIAL PRESSURE AND SHAMING GET RESULTS!  Include these hashtags in all of your Twitter and Facebook posts: #NakedShorts#NakedShorting#AMCstock#AMCsqueeze#MOASS#ApesTogetherStrong#AMCstrong#AMCarmy#AMC, and #AMCtimeline (include a link to this Google Doc to bring all new recruits up-to-speed).
  2. Sign the petition for the SEC to investigate naked shorting of AMC stock!

Update:  After garnering 13,461 signatures and many donations, the petition starter (“Gary Hill“) abruptly closed the petition.  He posted the following statement:

I was asked to close the petition over concerns of privacy.

It seems more likely that he was threatened.

  1. Hedge funds covered only 1.6% of their shorted shares last week, and the PPS increased by 83%!  If we mathematically extrapolate for the remaining 98.4%, the author suggests a price of $2,485.60+ per share.
  2. Charles Payne (official silverback) is no bandwagoner.  He’s been with us from the start.  He now plans to “bring the pain” to hedge funds by further exposing and criticizing naked shorting on Fox Business!
  3. The LIVE video conversation between @TradesTrey and @BAMinvestor was hacked by unknown entities just as they were beginning to discuss really juicy, specific details about a particular hedge fund’s illegal market manipulation.  It wasn’t just a DDoS attack, either.  Trey’s physical computer literally melted, as well.  Wow, just wow!  I’ve already placed a market order to buy 500 more shares at open on Monday.
  4. Hedge funds will start turning on each other soon because whichever one covers first will suffer the least damage.  To speed up the process, someone should compile a list of the various hedge funds’ social media accounts so that apes can message them or tweet at them about the “need to act first.”

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.