AMC May 18 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 18 2021

  1. ICC-2021-007 passed and approved today!

ICC-005 was passed and approved just 3 days ago.  Things are moving much more quickly than I anticipated.

This is bigger than ICC-005.  It updates the margin requirements that hedge funds must provide to maintain their positions.  Margin requirements can now increase in real-time based on the volatility and price fluctuations within hedge funds’ risky/overleveraged positions, especially their short positions in AMC and GME.

Mediators between banks and hedge funds are getting wary of the immensely high risks these hedge funds are posing to them.  Based on this ruling, if a hedge fund’s updated margin (haircut) exceeds the account’s capital, the broker can either margin call the hedge fund or force liquidate its positions until the margin no longer exceeds the capital.

In summary, ICC-007 ensures that even in stressed market conditions, the ICC will continue to collect sufficient collateral from its members and that such collateral can be liquidated in a timely manner to meet financial obligations as a central counterparty (mediator between banks and hedge funds).

  1. Eighth (8th) consecutive day of higher lows, higher highs, and higher closes!  AMC is on fire!
  2. According to HypeEquity, social media mentions of AMC spiked more than 800% today, suggesting that a squeeze is potentially imminent.
  3. Searching every day in Google—as many times as possible—for “AMC theatre short squeeze” and other positive AMC phrases will get AMC trending and bring in new apes!  In fact, you can bookmark the search results page for each phrase, place them in your browser’s bookmarks bar, and randomly click them all the time!  If 32,000,000 apes start doing this, imagine the positive algorithmic impact!

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.