AMC May 27 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 27 2021

  1. On the 4-month anniversary of the mini-squeeze on January 27, AMC explodes once again, rising nearly 50% to $29.76 before closing the session at $26.52 (+35.58%)!
  2. Today’s volume (688,237,189) nearly doubled yesterday’s (370,071,249)!  Ho-ly crap!
  3. AMC obliterated its previous 52-week high of $20.39 by closing at $26.52.
  4. The hedge funds are weak.  They are quickly running out of both ammo and friends.  They put forth a feeble, pathetic attempt to artificially sink the PPS in pre-market today.  With 95% of American apes on the sidelines, hedgeturds managed to lower the price per share by as much as 6%.  However, when the cavalry of American apes arrived on the scene at the opening bell, hedge turds took a major beating.  Did hedge fund managers learn their lesson?  NOPE!  They did the exact same thing in AH today, artificially sinking the PPS as much as 5% to $25.30 before apes stopped celebrating and started buying again.  The PPS settled only 1¢ below the regular session closing price of $26.52.  LMAO!  Thanks for the discounted shares, Ken!
  5. The main AMC stock group in Reddit (r/amcstock/) surpassed 200,000 members!
  6. AMC was the most-traded stock in the world today at $13 billion!  The entire world is buying . . . and watching!
  7. Trey confirmed (0:35) that hedge funds have still not covered any of their short positions!
  8. The June 2 share-count for AMC is literally the most decisive, well-publicized catalyst in the entire stock market this year!  I am officially predicting that we open tomorrow up 17% to $31.00 and push towards $35.00 before lunch.  Volume will surpass 1,000,000,000.  The $50 PPS “ceiling” pushed by hedge fund shills—in order to get apes to sell and have their shares excluded from the June 2 share count—is definitely on the table if apes simply HODL (and aggressively buy whenever possible).
  9. SR-OCC-2021-003 approved by the SEC!  Basically, it forces hedge funds to report their risk daily instead of monthly!
  10. AMC short sellers lost $1.8 billion in just a few days.
  11. Closed-door “Sunshine Act” meeting scheduled for June 3.  It had already been rescheduled on May 13 and then cancelled at the last second on May 20.  It’s not a coincidence that it was pushed back multiple times and then magically appears on the docket for the day after Adam Aron finds out AMC’s share-count.  Gensler understands that the pending AMC squeeze is potentially going to be the most consequential event involving a single security in stock market history.  He wants to know the updated share-count before making market-changing decisions.  (Yes, I know that other stocks will squeeze on AMC’s coat tails, but we’re focusing on AMC here.)

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.