Watch: Charles Payne Calls Dave Portnoy a little b***h in great popcorn moment.

Watch: Charles Payne Calls Dave Portnoy a little b***h in great popcorn moment.

If you haven’t yet seen this incredible exchange between the utterly based Charles Payne and the paperhanded Dave Portnoy on Fox Business News, this will absolutely make your day.

The heated exchange culminated with the fox anchor delivering the ‘Payne’ as he calls Portnoy a little bitch after the Barstool Sports founder said that he sold his Gamestop shares at a $700,000 loss when Robinhood halted GameStop trading.

Watch Charles Payne Calls Dave Portnoy a little bitch on Fox Business Live:

During the interview, Payne challenged Portnoy on his decision to sell his holdings back in February, and Portnoy’s public mocking of those who criticized him for doing so.

“You’re being a moron,” Portnoy said as the exchange was drawing to its climax.

“You’re being a little b****,” Payne retorted.

Portnoy replied laughingly, “I like that.”

“You sold the minute you took that $700,000 hit, and you said you were ‘paper hands…Now, so many of these people who were in this, a lot of them got drawn into it because of you. They’re so disappointed and angry at you. What do you say to them?”

“Oh, those people are idiots,” Portnoy replied. “We don’t pay any attention to those morons. Listen, most of the people who are saying ‘paper hands’ and this and that. They lost five cents. They lost a nickel. I lost $700,000. I got out of it. I took my beating. So anybody say ‘paper hands,’ I’d like to wrap them in toilet paper and glue lettuce to them and set them afloat in the ocean.”

“These people, these are Twitter eggs that you’re listening to,” Portnoy added, calling Payne a “naive fool.”

The exchange ended when Payne asked Portnoy if he would be prepared to step up for these people (the retail investor Apes), and maybe go to Gary Gensler to ask him to change the rules which are allowing the illegal activities to continue. “Who’s Gary Gensler?” asked Portnoy, before being informed he was the chairman of the SEC by Payne.

“Don’t be a little b****. Don’t be a little b****, Charles,” Portnoy said before the segment ended.

Reddit users overwhelmingly took to the platform to applaud Charles Payne, with a huge ratio of positive comments for the Fox Anchor. You can watch the whole segment here, but we strongly recommend if you don’t have time, skip to the last couple of minutes to watch as Charles Payne calls Dave Portnoy a little bitch, and tears him to shreds for both his paperhands and what Payne seems to be alluding as his lack of integrity in standing strong with the rest of the Ape community.