GME ComputerShare accounts grows to well over 200K

GME ComputerShare accounts grows to well over 200K

This post about GME ComputerShare registrations was posted to Reddit by user u/stopfuckingwithme on September 23, 2021. Apes Army takes no credit whatsoever for this info, nor do we endorse it. This is not financial advice. Do your own research.

If you don’t know already what this is about, check this post out as well as this one.

HOLY MOLY!! GME ComputerShare MOASS-a-Meter – 210K accounts conservatively

HOLY MOLY!! GME ComputerShare accounts are growing exponentially!!

Highest Score (so far): Current CS MOASS-a-Meter winner is u/damn_u_scuba_steve with account number 254,XXX (date Sept. 20)

Low Score: 32,XXX (Jan 31 – also the oldest) u/Sisyphus-Syphilis

r/Superstonk - HOLY MOLY!! ComputerShare MOASS-a-Meter - 210K accounts conservatively


Data is based on my earlier post (please keep commenting):

Apes please continue to comment or DM with your data (first 2 digits of account number only)!

There is only one outlier (see that sharp drop with account number 122,000), but it’s likely because they purchased directly from CS and got an account number several days before the purchase date – so that date is off.

I can personally confirm these account numbers are specific to GME since we also have shares of another stock on CS and the account number for that is in the millions.


Get ready to GET YOUR TITS JACKED with some MAFFFS

Highest account number reported (so far) = 25X,XXX (purchase date Sept. 22)

This means 250K CS accounts have been opened holding GME!

If we subtract 40K accounts (because the earliest ape to comment had an account number of around 40K on July 26), that means (250K – 40K) 210K ape and apette accounts on CS just in the last 2 months!!

Since it takes anywhere from 3 – 10 business days for a purchase to go through and for you to get access to your account number, this number is probably a week behind and we are seeing exponential growth in that chart.

How much of the float do apes currently own on CS?

Based on a float of 35M available to retail (please correct me if float is wrong), we get the following numbers:

Conservative estimate of 10 shares / account = 210K * 10 = 2.1M

Realistic(?) estimate of 50 shares / account = 210K * 50 = 10.5M (this is 1/3 of the way there)

What CS account number will be the winner of the MOASS jackpot?

Conservative estimate (10 shares/account): CS account number 3,500,000 will be the winner

Realistic estimate (50 shares/account): CS account number 700,000 WILL BE THE WINNER!!!! (we are already 1/3 of the way there)



Edit 1: Clarifying a few points

  1. These are all GME ComputerShare accounts (not popcorn or any other stock accounts). I’m waiting to confirm this with CS, but we also hold stock in another company and the account number for that is in the millions (fortune 500 company). Other apes have DMd me the same thing and see this comment explaining why the data supports this.
  2. 254K is the minimum number of ACCOUNTS, not apes. It’s possible for one ape to have more than one account, as several apes have confirmed. In fact, this all started because superstar ape u/iamthinksnow posted his/her 3 different accounts showing increasing account numbers.
  3. There’s no way to know how many shares are in each account. But, I’m planning on updating the highest account number daily, and providing some tables. This is information that we all have and can share, and there’s no reason not to (there’s no sensitive data and positions rule isn’t violated). It can be used to calculate some very conservative numbers on how many shares are in CS and how many apes have transferred. Each account has at least 1 share, and I still stand by my earlier statement that 10 shares per account is a conservative estimate.
  4. This number is several days behind. Between 9/21 – 9/22, apes have indicated account numbers ranging from 220K – 250K and most started the transfer days before. That means 30K new accounts were created in just a few days (no way to know exactly what day the account was created).
  5. Keep the numbers coming! I will continue to update data if apes keep DMing or commenting on this or the original post. I’ll update the high score daily as the migration continues – but it all depends on you to keep the numbers coming!


TLDR: The data most likely confirms that CS account numbers have been assigned sequentially. In the last 2 months, apes have opened AT LEAST 210K accounts in GME ComputerShare. Estimating 50 shares in each account, we are already 1/3 of the way to owning the float on CS!!!! Keep submitting your CS account numbers (first 2 digits ONLY).