The hard part is not selling during the MOASS

The hard part is not selling during the MOASS

This post appeared on Reddit by user u/Naxugan on 13 August and is reproduced here in its entirety without editing:

If you thought the hard part was holding the last 8 months, I have bad news for you…

So you diamond handed for 8 whole months. Picked up plenty of more shares, maybe even saw some gains along the way (or losses no judging). You didn’t sell you beautiful ape. You’ve seen the FUD, the theories, the DD… you’ve seen it all and survived it. The MOASS is finally here. The hard part is over right?


That was the easy part. The hard part is when things start actually moving into action. When the ticker slowly moves from 1,000 to 10,000 to 100,000 to 1,000,000 and so on. It may even drop at certain points.

You will start to feel the temptation. maybe I should sell at 37,000, I could buy a new house and pay off my parent’s loans

You will start to feel the anxiety. what if this is the top. I don’t want to lose all my money. I can’t trust every ape out there after all. What if others sell first?

You might even feel fear. It may be the scariest moment of your life.

This is the hard part. It’s gonna be harder than a freshman at cheerleader practice. You will be blamed for what is happening to the economy. You will be scared.

But you need to hold. Hold for your family. Your friends. Hold for your fellow apes. Hold for what those fuckers did in 2008.

I’m holding and I’m holding hard. Don’t forget the DD. They need your shares, and you name the price. Don’t cheapen yourself for selling less than what it’s worth.

Harden your resolve, apes. The MOASS is coming soon, and when it comes, be prepared. Here comes the hard part.