AMC July 4 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC July 4 2021

ALERT!  AMC apes must duplicate this GME research!  Reddit user u/WhatCanIMakeToday discovers that hedge funds—using the “married put” approach—deferred (i.e., kicked down the road to avoid buying/covering) approximately 79 million GameStop (GME) shares that they shorted in January, 2021.  

Evidence shows that they kicked the can down the road 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months beyond January, 2021 at various options expirations!  If apes can show that hedge funds have done the same with AMC (i.e., hiding naked shorts in deep OTM puts), killer whales will smell hedge funds’ blood in the water!  (I wish that I had time/energy to do the research myself, but I can barely keep up with this daily timeline.  The great news is that you now have astep-by-step template!)

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.