AMC June 16 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC June 16 2021

  1. Dark pool volume tripled the moment AMC hit $60 . . . and 99% went unreported.  Hedge fund managers are petrified of $60+ consolidation.  Nobody’s selling.
  2. Evidence suggests that the number of phantom shares may be approximately 400,000,000.  Dark pool holdings have a balance of -$21,349,880,000 (yes, that’s negative $21.35 billion).
  3. The main AMC stock group in Reddit (r/amcstock/) just surpassed the 345,000 members only 10 days after surpassing 300,000!  Blazin’!
  4. Apes begin to receive emails from AMC regarding how/when to vote!  The overwhelming consensus amongst apes is to “Just Say NO” to the 25,000,000 new shares.  Adam can dilute all he likes after the squeeze.  It’s OUR turn to prosper.  Apes saved AMC, and now AMC needs to save apes.
  5. Ortex reports a strong buy signal, with a potential squeeze in as few as 2 days!
  6. Over 60% of today’s volume was transacted off-exchange in dark pools.  Wow.
  7. Blatantly illegal, dark pool trading dropped AMC’s price 6.54% to $55.18 in the regular session.  They threw the kitchen sink at apes today, but it still finished up a penny to $55.18 in AH. At this point, I’m starting to feel embarrassed for Kenny.  A couple months ago, today’s acts of fraud by hedge funds would have dropped AMC’s price  by 30%+.  Those days are long gone and will never return!  Recent history tells us that the best hedge funds can do now—on their best day—is drop the price by roughly 15%, and that’s when they have all guns blazin’.  Every time they pull illegal fuckery to create artificial selling pressure, they have less ammo the next time because APES BUY AND HOLD ALL EXTRA SHARES THAT ENTER THE FLOAT.  In my estimation, apes now own at least 85% of all legitimate shares.  Apes hold; apes win.  That is a literal fact.
  8. My fellow apes, the evil empire is getting weaker!  Starting exactly 2 weeks ago on
    June 2, the evil-doers were able to crash the price from $74 to a low of $39 (-$35) in a couple of days.  The last couple of days, however, they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at apes because they’re deathly afraid of AMC closing above $40 on Friday, June 18, but they could only manage to drop the price from $64 to a low of $52 (-$12).  Apes diminished Hedge funds’ power by 67%!  How?  Apes dominate the float, and the noose has been getting tighter every day for various reasons, including a steady stream of new laws/regulations!  Also, shorting is expensive.  Holding is free.  Apes hold; apes win.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS, APES!  We’ve finally reached the point at which social saturation is so significant that the SEC can no longer look the other way or feign ignorance without incurring the wrath of millions of apes around the world, as well as forever tarnishing the reputation and perceived trustworthiness of the stock market.  Today, both Gary Gensler (SEC Chairman) and Stacey Cunningham (NYSE President) acknowledged that dark pool trading not only exists, but it’s a big problem:

In some of the meme stocks that we’ve seen, or stocks that have a high level of retail participation, the vast majority of order flow can trade off of exchanges, which is problematic. . . . [P]rice formation is not really reflective of what supply and demand is.

Stacey Cunningham, president of Intercontinental Exchange Inc

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.