AMC May 30 Timeline

The most important roundup of news for AMC May 31 2021

  1. A Quiet Place Part II smashes the pandemic record for a 3-day debut with $48 million, easily surpassing the $32 million of Godzilla vs. Kong.
  2. AMC closed at $26.12 on Friday.  Any retail shorter or hedge fund that owns 1 call option with a $26 strike price (or lower) will automatically own 100 shares per call option on Tuesday morning.  This is true for every call option.  If the holder of the call(s) does not have sufficient cash to purchase each call, the holder will be margin-called.
  3. Not only are hedge fund managers in danger of going bankrupt, they’ll also need to brush up on their prison etiquette:

Penalties for specific kinds of counterfeiting vary, but counterfeiting U.S. securities carries a potential fine of up to $250,000 and a maximum of 25 years in federal prison.  Penalties are increased where the crime resulted in financial gain, or resulted in another party suffering a financial loss.  Penalties may be up to double the amount gained or lost.  Issuance of false securities is punished with fines and a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

  1. If you reference GME’s historical data, you’ll see that it stayed in the $19- to $20-range for about 3 weeks.  If you compare it to AMC price-wise, it took 5 months for GME to squeeze.  Comparing the two, you can see that the 5th month for AMC is June.
  2. The fraud and collusion are staggering.  Adam Aron to international shareholders:

Outrageous but true. ManyAMC shareholders live outside the United States.  Especially in the UK and Europe, brokerage firms refuse to facilitate shareholder voting.  Costs the firms time and money to do so.  Any workarounds to the problem violate U.S. law.  Switch brokers, so you can vote!

  1. International apes, please contact your broker to demand the ability to vote so that your shares will be counted on June 2!  Apes in Sweden succeeded!  Their shares will now be counted.  It is critical for ALL other international apes to do the same! You now have the blueprint, thanks to Sweden.  Get it done, brother apes!
  2. AMC banner flies over the Indianapolis 500!
  3. It is critical to remember that hedge funds have been doubling-, tripling-, quadrupling-, and quintupling-down on their shorting since AMC was $5.
  4. The main AMC stock group in Reddit (r/amcstock/) hit the 200,000-member milestone on May 27 and has already surpassed 229,000 members!

Information and Timeline provided by u/AgedMurcury78 in his amazing Ultimate AMC Timeline document.